Callum Howard

Callum left school at 16 knowing he wanted to be a Vehicle Technician. Using his own initiative he signed up at his local college and began a level 1 training course. Part way through the course, Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust Mold - Team Protyre contacted local colleges promoting Protyre's Apprenticeship Scheme. Callum completed a CV and delivered it by hand to the centre to review his application. He was interviewed the same day and offered the position immediately.
Though hesitant at first, Callum has proved himself to be a competent and confident technician. Having completed the course right up into his final year. Callum has been given the tools and skills by Protyre to achieve his full potential in the industry.
As a dedicated, committed, loyal and trustworthy member of the team, Callum is also being supported on to a NVQ Level 3 in Vehicle Maintenance and a Repair Technician course after completing his apprenticeship. This offer for an NVQ Level 3 is rare and is only offered to apprentices that have demonstrated a desire to train and develop their careers further with enthusiasm and dedication. As a business those that wish to go far will be given the tools to do so by Protyre.


Callum's Statement

"When I left school I knew I wanted to be a vehicle technician, I took it upon myself to go to college to start my training on a level 1 course, half way through the training my tutor informed that a garage had phoned looking for an apprentice, after I was told I wrote a cv and dropped it off the very same day.
I was interviewed on the same day and received a phone call later that day saying that I’ve got the job.
The first couple of weeks I was very nervous and unsure but the apprenticeship program and the mentoring I received from the staff turned me into a very confident technician.
The training has been great and the support from my manager has been fantastic as he has loads of patience and time for me.
I received a toolbox and tools from the company and that made me feel that I was apart of something and that the company wanted me to succeed.
My training is still on-going and I’m looking forward to the challenges of the more advanced side of the trade and once I have received that knowledge
I am looking to become an mot tester. In the near future I am looking forward to going into a management side of the company and progressing through up the ladder.
I am looking forward to a long and prosperous career with Protyre."

Attendance Record

As confirmed with Laura Woodward (Micheldever Group Ltd HR Advisor) Callum has “a perfect attendance record with no absence”.


1. Alexander Perrie – Centre Manager for Barry & Wilkinson Tyre & Exhaust Mold - Team Protyre
“I first came across Callum when I contacted the local college to ask the tutor if he had any suitable trainees in his class that would be interested in a possible apprenticeship; He said he would pass the word to the class and invite them to contact me. The next day I had Callum turn up at the depot with his CV in hand and asking to apply for the position. What impressed me was that he had ridden down on his scooter in the pouring rain just to make sure he had an opportunity. He was soaked through to the skin, but this didn’t dampen his enthusiasm. I interviewed him on the spot which must have been daunting for him but he presented himself very well and came across as an intelligent and motivated young man. Later that day I offered him the position.
Since starting with me Callum has over achieved in every aspect of the job. His skill level is way beyond where I thought it would be and his ability to adapt to any situation is one of his strongest points. He has continued to grow in both mechanical knowledge and his customer relations skills are beyond his young years. I have watched him grow from a typical teenager who was nervous about stepping into the workplace for the first time to a very confident young man who isn’t afraid to tackle anything you put in front of him. To say I am proud of him is an understatement. I look forward to us working together long into the future.  He has the potential to go wherever he wants to if he puts his mind to it and I have no doubt he will make a fantastic mentor to others should he venture into the management side of the business.”

2. Dean Richardson – Protyre Area Manager

3. Brian Jones – ProVQ Course Assessor
Callum originally came to us as a L2 Vehicle Fitting Apprentice. He worked through this qualification demonstrating great commitment to his work both at the training centre and in his workplace.
It was clear from the start that Callum wanted to advance further than this qualification would take him and so once he had completed his Level 2 Vehicle Fitting apprenticeship he was enrolled on a Level 3 apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair.
Callum has so far attended 1 block of this qualification and has already stood out from the rest of the group he is in. His commitment to preparing for learning and study away from training has been outstanding and has been reflected in his performance and results so far.
His attitude, conduct and behaviour whilst with us has never been questioned.
This final statement on his last training report* shows that Callum has the desire and commitment towards this new part of his apprenticeship:
“Callum has worked hard throughout this block, he has clearly been studying before attending this block and this has paid off as Callum has been a very confident student”.

4. Garage Customer Feedback
Mr. Dunning: "Very happy with service, smooth and efficient"
Mr. Hughes: "Very helpful. Competitive prices. Prompt service"
Mr. Branndan: "Very good service and advice.  Would recommend to everybody I know"
Mr. Dunne: "Helpful people, good advice, done promptly"