Our People

Protyre offer a wide range of career opportunities across the Retail sector of the Automotive Industry. 

Have you got an interest in retail, or looking to get automotive industry? Check out the video below showing what a day in the life of a Protyre employee is like:

Staff Testimonials

Gareth Vrac - Area Manager

Gareth was a Centre Manager for Harris Brothers (an independent garage network in Swansea that we acquired). Since its acquisition in 2011 Gareth has progressed to be General Manager of a retail and wholesale centre and then on to Area Manager.

“We were told of the sale of Harris Brothers one week before the signing of contracts. That week, I believe for us all was a week of un-certainty. Working for a family run business for so long the last thing you want is for some national company to come along and make a load of changes. I think we all had this pre-conception of national company’s being tyrants to work for. This was not the case.
Working for Protyre has opened many doors for me. The company is very keen to coach and enhance staff skills and promote from within. Within 3 years I have progressed from being a Service Manager to Area Manager. If you’re willing to work hard the opportunities are there.
Overall the last three years have been the best of my working life and not many people can say that. This would not have happened had Protyre not acquired Harris Brothers Tyres.”

Matthew Dickinson – Area Manager

Matthew has been with Protyre for just over 4 years and moved from the roles of Assistant Centre Manager to Centre Manager at the Tyreland Centre in Eastleigh and is now an Area Manager.

“Since Tyreland joined the Protyre network we have had nothing but success, we have become an even more professional business and a real force in the market, with the facility’s we can provide and enhanced range of services we can offer.
The other great thing about being part of this company is the opportunities that have arisen for myself and others like me. Thanks to Protyre, I have been able to move forward and have a successful career, one with great opportunities for trips away and that has opened many doors for me.
I believe there is an opportunity for everyone at Protyre.”

Jamie Cole – Area Manager

Jamie Cole was an assistant manager for Thistlewaites Bolton when it was acquired by Protyre. Since then Jamie has proven to be a rising star in Team Protyre and is now an Area Manager – North West.

“Protyre took us over in 2010, we were a very successful independent garage. There definitely are benefits to being taken over by such a large company as Protyre.
Firstly, we all know about their buying power as they wholesale on a large scale. This gave us a much more competitive edge in the market in which we previously struggled to compete with some of the big boys.
Secondly, at the time of the takeover I had only been in management for less than a year, I was given the chance to be able to grow as a manager with the great support system that Protyre have in place. We were given tools to be able to grow the business; as a result I was able to grow my depot by over 60% in 4 years!