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Get peace of mind motoring with a Protyre vehicle diagnostics check

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If you’ve got warning lights and error codes illuminating your dashboard like a mobile disco, a Protyre diagnostics check can help to reveal any issues there may be before serious damage happens and requires costly services and repairs.
Your vehicle’s engine is comprised of hundreds of small parts and sensors, so the exact fault may not be easy to see on your own. A diagnostics test can identify whether a warning light stems from issues in areas including the engine, ignition coils, throttle, and much more. When carrying out an engine diagnostics check, our highly trained and qualified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to help to determine exactly why any warning lights have come on.

What is a vehicle diagnostics check?

As technology has advanced and car components have become computerised, identifying problems is no longer a time-consuming and expensive task thanks to the engine diagnostic test. Our diagnostic tools not only reveal problems with major components – including the transmission, oil tank, exhaust system, and brakes – but they also identify performance issues in things like the fuel infector, air flow, and coolant.
During the test the code reader will notify our technicians of any fault codes so that they can know which component’s parameters are off or out of range. However, it will not be able to give details of the exact cause of the issue. This is where our technicians will apply their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise to diagnose the underlying problem.