What's Stopping You?

Tyre Safety Month has returned for 2021 and this year TyreSafe – the UK's leading tyre safety charity – are asking Britain's motorists, "What's stopping you?"

In a bid to educate drivers on the importance and benefits of tyre safety, TyreSafe has developed some impactful and realistic depictions of scenarios involving families, loved ones and young drivers that will resonate with a range of audiences as well as highlight the potential stakes of driving on defective tyres.

With autumn having started at the end of September, the weather is becoming colder and damper, with darker evenings are drawing in, meaning driving conditions are becoming increasingly difficult and so regular tyre checks will help to significantly reduce the risks of an incident whilst on the roads. However, according to research carried out by TyreSafe an estimated one-in-five drivers have never checked their tyres, a number that rises to one-in-three amongst younger drivers, aged 17 to 24.

Checking and maintaining your tyres can also help to reduce some of the cost of motoring since underinflated tyres will wear far quicker, needing replacing sooner than well-maintained tyres, and will also cause the vehicle to use more fuel.

TyreSafe want to remind drivers to A.C.T. on tyre safety:

  • Air pressure: check the air pressure on all of your tyres

  • Condition: look for any cracks, lumps or bulges

  • Tread: check tread depth using the 20p test

The question What's Stopping You? not only reminds the motorist of the benefits and importance of tyre checks, but it also carries the literal message that, as the only point of contact between the road and the vehicle, it is tyres that are crucial for safe and effective braking and cornering.

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Prolonging the life of your tyres

Follow these top tips and stay safe on the roads:

  • Check your tyre pressures once a month – and don't forget the spare... you never know when you might need it

  • Check your alignment every 6,000 miles as incorrectly aligned wheels affects the wear of a tyre

  • Find your nearest Protyre garage and the get your wheels balanced when vibration occurs

  • Get a professional to assess the inside of your tyres when impacts or punctures occur

  • Avoid parking over oil or solvent spills as this will cause tyre damage

  • Driving speeds and behaviour directly affects tyre life, so act accordingly

  • Have the general tyre condition checked regularly with a free tyre check at your local centre

  • Rotate the tyres from the front and rear wheels for a more even wear

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