Tyre Safety Month

Tyre Safety month is back and TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre awareness charity, has put together another campaign to drive home the importance of tyre maintenance.

Tyre Safety month is back and TyreSafe, the UK’s tyre awareness charity, has put together another campaign to drive home the importance of tyre maintenance. In TyreSafe’s last campaign, it was revealed that the Summer months are the most likely for British motorists to be involved in tyre-related incidents.

Want to know more? Check out the Summer Motorist campaign here

Tyre Tread - 'How deep is your tread?'

Taking inspiration from the classic 1977 Bee Gee hit, 'How deep is your love', comes the TyreSafe 2018 release, 'How deep is your tread'! Tyre tread is critical for all driving disciplines; braking, cornering, steering and accelerating. The legal limit is 1.6mm across the three central quarters of the tread, around the whole circumference of the tyre.

Want to know a quick and easy way to check your tyre tread depth? Take the 20p test, it's simple and effective. 

Pressure - 'Under Pressure'

The commonly known 1981 Queen smash hit, Under Pressure, has been reintroduced as a reminder to ensure your tyre pressure is correct.

Correct tyre pressure has many positive affects:

  • Lower risk of rapid deflation

  • Optimum braking and handling

  • Tyres last longer, saving you money

  • Better fuel economy 

Not sure what the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is?  Find this information in your owner's manual, the fuel cap, or the door shut. Air can be found at most petrol stations, ensure your tyres are correctly inflated.

Condition - 'Every check you take'

Sticking with the 80's theme comes the renamed 1983 The Police classic 'Every breath you take', cleverly altered to 'Every check you take' to underline the importance of regular tyre checks. You can check your own tyres for bulges, cuts or lumps and inspect the tread removing any stones or debris from it. You should carry out these checks once a month and before any long journey. 

Download the full TyreSafe leaflet here


Part Worn Tyres 

At Protyre, we offer our customers a number of Free Vehicle Checks to keep them safe on the road, including Free Tyre Checks at EVERY garage within our large UK network.

A number of road incidents occur due to part worn tyres. Part worn tyres are incredibly dangerous and drivers should never purchase them. Check out TyreSafe’s video demonstrating the hidden dangers of part worn tyres here
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Keeping your vehicle healthy during Winter

With winter rapidly approaching, it is even more important for drivers to pay extra attention to all aspects of vehicle maintenance, not just whether to switch to Winter Tyres. Drivers should seek advice from their local trustworthy garage for the best tyres for their vehicle during the unpredictable British Winter weather but below is a check-list worth ticking off:

  • Check lights are working, both dipped and full beam

  • Ensure wiper blades are working properly and clearing your windscreen sufficiently - check the wiper blade for worn-down or split rubber

  • Keep an eye on washer fluid levels and ensure it is topped up regularly

  • Always ensure your tyre tread is above the legal limit but especially during winter months as the roads are slippery at best

  • Tyre pressure should be monitored regularly as over inflation or under inflation can dramatically affect the handling of your vehicle and the performance of your tyres

  • Make sure oil is topped up – low levels of oil can cause your vehicle to overheat and old oil affects engine performance levels

Click here for more advice on winter vehicle maintenance, or consult your local Protyre garage. Not sure where your local Protyre is...no problem, use our garage locator to find out.

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