Summer Motoring 2018

With the consistently warm weather we have been experiencing recently, Protyre are proud to be supporting TyreSafe's latest campaign which highlighting that more tyre-related incidents happen on Britain’s roads during the summer months, than at any other time of year.

As you plan your mini-holidays across the UK or abroad it is likely that you will be carrying extra luggage and more passengers and travelling further too. For these reason it is vitally important that your vehicle and its tyres are in tip-top condition.

TyreSafe have created a check-list of key things to remember before you set off on your Summer adventures:

  • NEVER change your tyre on the hard shoulder of a motorway or dual carriageway.

  • Check the air pressure of your tyres BEFORE you begin your journey

  • Check your tyres to ensure there are no cracks, lumps or bulges

  • Check your tread depth - use the 20p test and if your tyres are under the legal limit, get them replaced at your local Protyre garage

  • Check you’ve got a spare and make yourself aware of the equipment you have available