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At Protyre you can purchase Winter tyres from leading manufacturers such as BridgestoneContinentalDunlopGoodyearMichelinPirelli and Falken with same day fitting available on a wide selection of tyres from your local Protyre garage. 

How to buy Winter tyres online in the UK with Protyre 

  1. Enter your vehicle registration in the search bar above so we can show you which of our winter tyres for sale are ideal for you
  2. Add your postcode to see when you can have winter tyres fitted at your local Protyre garage. We have 157 across the UK
  3. Book a slot at your chosen garage and pay for your winter tyres online with our secure checkout. You may be able to have them fitted the same day

Winter tyres at Protyre

We have a range of effective winter tyres for sale from leading tyre manufacturers. Here are some key options to look out for:   

  • Pirelli Sottozero and Scorpion tyres combine comfort with performance and are perfect for luxury cars and SUVs
  • Bridgestone Blizzak winter road tyres are engineered for all winter weather conditions to give you total confidence behind the wheel
  • Dunlop WinterSport 4D perform equally well as dry, wet and snow tyres thanks to several innovative design features  
  • Goodyear UltraGrip winter tyres are built for all winter conditions as well as off-road driving

Other renowned winter tyre manufacturers include Michelin, Continental, Falken and more. Find your ideal winter tyres price, brand and size today with Protyre.

What are Winter tyres?

Winter tyres are designed to give better traction and grip in cold conditions. To achieve this, they are made with a softer compound and have deep grooves and narrow sipes (cuts) built into their tread. This helps to disperse water and snow faster than normal tyres and allows for the rubber to move around, keeping it in contact with the road.
Winter tyres are actually mandatory in many European countries that experience harsh winters. They typically work best at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius – so while not required by law, using winter tyres in the UK still makes sense for large parts of the year.

They’re especially useful for improving road safety in remote parts of the UK, including countryside areas where drifts are common and gritting is less so. Find out more in our ultimate guide to winter tyres.

What are the differences between winter tyres and normal tyres?

Winter tyres perform better in winter conditions due to their specialised design. As well as improved steering and acceleration, they offer shorter stopping distances at cold temperatures than summer tyres, even if it is dry.

In snowy conditions, the difference is more significant as winter tyres offer grip even when the tread is packed with soft snow. When it comes to driving in heavy snow, a two-wheel-drive car fitted with these tyres is considered safer than a 4x4 on summer tyres. 

While car tyres for snow and ice are more effective than all-season tyres in harsh winter conditions, they’re not as well suited to flooded roads. They still offer a safety upgrade over normal summer tyres in these situations, however.

Downsides of winter tyres include faster wear and more noise on normal roads in warmer months, as well as slightly reduced fuel economy. You can overcome these issues by swapping your tyres as the seasons change.   

What are the benefits of winter tyres?

The advantages of having winter tyres fitted are significant and can reduce the risk and severity of accidents. You can take confidence from:

·        Shorter stopping distances when driving on snow and ice

·        Improved handling in winter conditions due to their specialised design

·        Less risk of aquaplaning thanks to the ability of their tread pattern to disperse water  

How much do winter tyres cost?

Like most tyres, snow tyre prices vary depending on your car and the quality of your chosen tyre. They tend to be a similar or marginally higher price than normal tyres. Use our tyre search bar to see what your options are.

A full set may seem like a large outlay – but could be more than worth it if you live in colder areas or know you’ll be racking up miles over winter. Using winter road tyres can also extend the lifespan of your summer tyres and save you money on replacements.   

Cheap winter tyres are available but be aware that higher quality tyres tend to offer better performance and durability, which could save you money in the long run. Rest assured that we aim to offer the best winter tyre prices available regardless of your chosen brand or specification.

How do I know if my vehicle already has winter tyres?

Winter tyres have a snowflake symbol on the sidewall. Some tyres will be marked ‘M+S’ for mud and snow, meaning that they are designed with these conditions in mind but are not as specialised.

Can you switch between normal and winter tyres?

Switching between summer and winter tyres as the seasons change is a smart way to make sure your vehicle is suited to the right road conditions. On top of improved safety and driving performance, switching tyres regularly can help to maintain their condition.

That’s why it’s good to know you can get your winter tyres fitted by our experts as and when you need to. Simply book a fitting date that suits you at your local Protyre garage. 

When it comes to storing your extra tyres, try to keep them in a cool, shady and dry space and rotate them regularly to move the pressure around.      

Why have winter tyres fitted with Protyre?

Here are just some of the reasons why you can buy winter tyres from us with confidence:

·        Find a huge choice of high-quality winter and snow tyres for sale from leading brands

·        Get the best winter tyre prices on premium and mid-range options, with fitting included as standard

·        Same-day fitting is available on many of our winter tyres

·        We’re rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers on Trustpilot and pride ourselves on superior service online and in our 157 garages across the UK

·        It’s quick and easy to find what you need with our tyre finder tool, whether that’s standard or run flat winter tyres, car or van winter tyres, or specific models

Need some help? Find your local garage today or call us on 0333 060 4019 to find your local Protyre.

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Tyre help and advice

Not sure about the best way to look after your new tyres? Need more help when buying tyres online? At Protyre, we’ve put together a comprehensive help and advice section. You can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.


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