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At Protyre you can buy van tyres online using our quick and easy tyre finder service. We have great deals on leading names such as Michelin, Pirelli, and Goodyear, so you’re sure to receive the highest-quality van tyres. Plus, all prices include fitting at your local Protyre centre and same day fitting is available on many tyres.

How to buy Van tyres online with Protyre 

  1. First, let us know your vehicle registration by entering it into the search bar. This is so we can show you the best van tyres available for your vehicle.
  2. Next, add your postcode to get the next available fitting date at your local Protyre garage.  
  3. Book and pay for your van tyres online with our secure checkout to guarantee your fitting at your chosen garage.

If you know the tyre size, you can search our selection of budget van tyres by the dimensions you need. We’ll ask you to tell us the width, profile, rim size, load rating, and speed rating. We’ll still ask you to let us know your postcode here too so that you can book into a garage that’s near to your location.

What are van tyres?

The role of van tyres is to support heavy loads over long distances. So, while regular tyres offer vehicle comfort, grip performance, and reduced road noise, van tyres need to offer this and more. One of the ways that van tyres do this is by having strengthened sidewalls. They are there to support the additional weight pressing down on them for long journeys in all types of weather conditions.

As well as needing to fit the correct van tyres that can withstand heavy loads and offer longevity, the correct tyres will also help improve your van’s handling, braking, and cornering, keeping you significantly safer on the roads.

Picking the right tyres for your van will also help reduce fuel consumption, saving you money and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

What tyres do I need for my van?

As van tyres have so many functions, it’s important that you choose the right ones for the conditions you’re driving in.

For example, are you driving in the winter? The weather can have a huge impact on the tyres you choose, and if you are driving in cold and icy conditions, you will need to swap out the ones you usually use on your van for winter tyres.

Also, where will you be driving? All terrain van tyres could be what you need if you’re likely to be heading away from motorways and along country lanes on your journey.  

If you have any questions about the type of tyres you need, call us on 0333 060 4019 and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the best tyre brands for vans?

We stock van tyres from all the leading manufacturers. A few of the most renowned brands are listed below:  


Pirelli is a leading manufacturer of premium van tyres. The two most popular ranges of Pirelli van tyres are the Carrier and the Chrono. Carrier is a high-technology tyre that was launched after it had passed extensive testing. It delivers safety, longevity, and value for money.
If you are searching for seasonal tyres for your van, winter and summer tyres are available in Pirelli’s Carrier range, along with all-season versions.


Michelin is well known for its premium range of high-tech van tyres, including summer, winter and all-season tyres. Some Michelin van tyres also come with run-flat technology, while others are specifically designed for muddy and snowy environments. This is a reliable brand, whatever type of driving you’re doing.


Reliable and reputable, Bridgestone is one of our most popular brands of high-performance tyre. Many van tyres by this name are made with commercial vehicles in mind, offering stringent safety standards, whatever type of tyre you choose.


With over 140 years’ experience in tyre technology, Continental is known for robustly engineered, dependable tyres. They deliver outstanding braking and handling performance, making them a go-to choice for many van owners.


Efficient and reliable, Falken tyres are a popular option. The range includes tyres for city roads as well as all-terrain options. There’s also a selection of summer tyres in the line-up, so you can be ready for the warmer weather too.

How to find your van tyre size

If you’re searching for tyres by size, you’ll find the dimensions printed onto the sidewall of your tyre. This includes a series of numbers and letters that are usually separated by forward slashes:

  • Width - The first few numbers are the width of the tyre in millimetres.
  • Profile – The two numbers after the width are the profile, which is the height of the sidewall as a percentage of the width.
  • Rim size – You’ll then see the letter R followed by numbers. This is the rim size, which is the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches.
  • Speed rating – Finally, there are two numbers followed by the letter ‘V’. This shows the maximum speed the tyre can reach when there’s a full load in the van.  

Van tyre fitting: what to bring with you

Once you’ve bought your van tyres online from Protyre, you’re ready to get them fitted at the garage on the date you’ve booked in for. To make this process easy, we make sure you know the day, time, and location of the garage before you’re due for your fitting.

If your van has locking wheel nuts, you’ll need to bring the key for these so that we can remove the wheel from your van. This key is usually in the glove box or under your boot lining, so be sure to check before you arrive at the garage.  

Search for your van tyres by Brand

Select a logo to view the full range of tyres for the brand, available at any Protyre Garage. You will be able to filter by tyre size or number plate to help you find the correct tyres for your van.

Why choose van tyres from Protyre?

We're known for offering a huge selection of van tyres, and have everything from cheap, yet high quality van tyres, to all terrain van tyres that can handle a range of road surfaces and conditions. This means that you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

We also offer the highest quality service. Don’t just take our word for it though - we're rated 'Excellent' by our customers on Trustpilot - so you can see the thoughts of satisfied customers for yourself.

As well as our high levels of customer service, we’re local to you. There are 157 Protyre garages located across the UK offering fitting as standard.

Want to know more about van tyres from Protyre? Call us on 0333 060 4019 or visit our help and advice page for tips about everything from choosing the best van tyres for your vehicle to the checks you need to make before you set off.

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Tyre help and advice

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