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The Yokohama Rubber Company Limited is a tyre company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 1917 as a joint venture between Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich. This company has become a high watermark in terms of tyre quality, providing customers with state-of-the-art tyre technology for over a century. When it comes to Yokohama van tyres, the manufacturer ensures that the same level of quality and innovation goes into every tyre that leaves the factory. The research, development and thorough testing of each tyre has led to Yokohama tyres being chosen as approved original equipment for many vehicle manufacturers, including Toyota, Volkswagen, Subaru and Mercedes Benz.

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How to buy Yokohama van tyres online with Protyre

Here at Protyre, we want to make it quick and easy to buy Yokohama van tyres online. That’s why you can order yours in a few simple steps, which we’ve explained below:

Step 1 – enter your registration into the box on this page and we’ll show you the best car tyres for your vehicle.

Step 2 – select which Protyre garage you’d like to get your tyres fitted. We have 157 garages across the UK, so you’re sure to find one close to you.

Step 3 – choose a tyre fitting date that suits your schedule. If you need to get back on the road quickly, we may even be able to fit them the same day, depending on which car tyres you choose.

Yokohama van tyres at Protyre - Same Day Fitting Available

  • The Yokohama V103B is an excellent example of a set of Yokohama van tyres, coming in a range of sizes to fit vehicles of different weight and width classes. This particular tyre has exceeded all safety, performance and handling requirements set out by manufacturers including Volkswagen and Audi. The asymmetric tread design delivers fantastic grip and handling in both wet and dry road conditions, whilst also giving a quiet and comfortable ride.

  • Another Yokohama van tyre in our range is the Yokohama Geolander. This van tyre has a powerful, progressive shoulder, which is designed to provide enhanced grip, whilst also keeping the sidewall protected. A protected sidewall should lead to fewer punctures and a longer lasting tyre. The twin cut groove in the tread allows the tyre to expel both mud and water, making for great traction on wet, muddy or loose surfaces. The Geolander has been selected by Toyota as an approved original equipment tyre to be fitted as standard on their vehicles, which is testament to the quality research, testing and development that went in to producing the tyre.

  • The Geolander range, the Geolander H/T G056 is an all-weather tyre. Made from Yokohama's Advanced All-Season Compound, this van tyre provides fantastic traction in all weather conditions. This compound is also renowned for extending the life of the tread. The adaptive shoulder blocks create a continuous rib around the tyre which contributes to reduced tread noise in motion.

  • The Geolander G038 is approved as original equipment by Mercedes Benz, with the German manufacturer being particularly impressed by the safety, handling and overall performance of the tyre during development and testing by Yokohama.

Looking for advice on Yokohama van tyres?

  • If you are not sure if your tyres need to be replaced, please book your vehicle in for a free tyre safety check. Our qualified fitters will be able to assess the condition of your tyres and talk you through the next steps.

To select the correct Yokohama van tyres for your vehicle, either enter your vehicle registration number above, or select the size required for your van.
You can book an appointment for same day fitting by contacting your local Protyre garage. You can also book a free tyre safety check if you are unsure of the condition of your tyres. During a tyre safety check, our tyre professionals will inspect the condition of your tyres, advising on their condition, whether they are in need of immediate replacement, or whether you can expect them to last you a good while longer.

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