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Drivers can be forgiven for not being up-to-date with tyre brands and the technology on offer in the marketplace. Most of the time when people do have to think about such things, it's in a high pressure scenario, perhaps after a puncture or MOT fail. It's easy to see how consumers don't always get the best value for money when it comes to their car or van tyres.
Uniroyal is one of Europe's oldest tyre manufacturers and can trace its heritage all the way back to Belgium and the mid-19th century. It has been involved in several key developments in tyre technology over the course of its long history. In the early 20th century the founder's son, Oscar Englebert Jr pioneered the use of groove patterns in the rubber to displace water from beneath the tyre and prevent loss of traction. This eventually led to Uniroyal being one of the world's first manufacturers to develop a tyre specifically for wet weather conditions in the late 1960's. Despite its history, many regular consumers are not familiar with the brand and so are missing out on market leading technology at great prices.

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It’s easy to find new tyres and book a fitting date with Protyre. In just a few simple steps, we’ll help you order the right tyres for your van – and get you booked in at one of our 157 local garages on a date that works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to buy your new tyres online. Here’s how the process works:

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Uniroyal - Pioneering Technology and Quality

Today, Uniroyal are part of the Continental tyres group and are still a name recognised for pioneering technology and quality. They offer attractively priced products to compete with rivals such as Pirelli, Sumitomo and Bridgestone, thanks to the budget, research and development technology of their parent company. Many models of Uniroyal car tyres offer run flat technology, reinforcing the sidewalls of the tyre to prevent a dangerous blow out in the event of a puncture. Their latest development is a pioneering technology for reducing aquaplaning. This is the potentially dangerous moment when a layer of surface water between the road and tyre causes a loss of traction and grip. The technology is modelled on the skin scales of sharks.
Uniroyal's designers have copied the water displacing properties of shark skin in order to reduce water turbulence and expel it from beneath the tyre more quickly. This kind of innovative development has been the hallmark of Uniroyal tyres for many years. Uniroyal are now also targeting the van and commercial vehicle market, offering several new models aimed at the drivers of vans and light off-road vehicles. Uniroyal van tyres feature the same kinds of water displacement technology and durability that the brand is known for, again at competitive prices.

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If you are looking for great performance at an affordable price, Protyre's years of experience tell us that Uniroyal van tyres could be the right choice for you. Why not try our 'Find A Garage' service at the top of the page to locate your closest team of helpful Protyre professionals. We will be happy to carry out a free tyre check and advise on our other services, such as wheel alignment, replacement exhausts MTOs and servicing.

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