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Key Features

  • Designed and manufactured to meet the demands of ultimate handling in dry and wet conditions.
  • Developed for European SUV vehicles, road and weather conditions and offers precise handling for country lanes and high speed stability for motorway driving.
  • Outside of the tread pattern has been engineered for cornering performance - increased contact area from the wide ribs with a shallow and narrow groove to maintain a good contact patch with the road, offering improved handling with increased grip.
  • The inside of the tread pattern helps with aquaplaning and braking - two wide grooves ensure excellent water drainage, and the rib based pattern configuration increases the tread's rigidity for better braking.
  • The T1 Sport SUV also features wide straight grooves as water channels for better aquaplaning resistance.


Toyo is a Japanese company that makes tyres of every kind from bicycles upwards, but the Proxes is one of their best-known products. The Toyo Proxes T1 car tyre is an ultra-high-performance summer tyre designed principally for fast and sporty saloons, coupés and sports cars. They are the original tyre fitted to Audi TT, Audi S6 and Mazda 6.

The T1 range extends up to a 22-inch rim version that will suit some performance SUVs.

The Toyo Proxes T1 Sport is slowly replacing the Toyo Proxes T1-R (which in turn was developed from the T1-S). They are essentially the same tyre but with some improvements, which are believed to include better grip in the wet than the original T1. Road grip is definitely one of this tyre's highlights. A special heat-resistant silica compound added to the tyre, combined with the tread pattern, can deliver outstanding performance. Users also praise their steering feedback, which maintains a comfortable sense of control and is especially noticeable at higher speeds.

The T1 family adopts a tread pattern comprising V-shaped grooves that pump water away from beneath the tyre all the way to the shoulders by the most direct route, eliminating hydroplaning and allowing the rubber to fully grip the road. It also has circumferential grooves that improve grip, maintain a low rolling noise level and help to ensure even tyre wear. Wide high-tensile steel belts and jointless spiral wound edges improve cornering and high-speed endurance.
Enthusiasts of sporty cars will appreciate the good looks they bring to their vehicles too.

As with other high-performance tyres, there tends to be some trade-off in terms of fuel efficiency and mileage durability. The drivers for whom these tyres are intended will appreciate that this is a price worth paying for the gains in handling and safety. Their speed category is rated at "V" (149mph) to "Y" (186mph), depending on your rims.

A tyre's rolling noise can also vary for different rims. The Proxes T1 is rated a remarkably consistent 71-72dB at all rim sizes. Since EU labelling awards a bar rating for noise that is relative to the rims, it means that these tyres receive three bars in small sizes but descend to just one bar in larger categories. Larger and faster vehicles will appreciate their smooth quietness the most.

Protyre always has expert staff available who are happy to advise you on the most suitable tyres for your vehicle, budget and driving style.

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People trust us. We take huge pride in our service, consistently scoring 98% customer satisfaction with Trading Standards’ Motor Industry Codes of Practice. We have an Excellent 98% Service Rating on Feefo and have been awarded Tyresafe Retailer of the Year for the last four years.

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