Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo

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The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo is a tyre designed to provide you with excellent performance in any weather conditions you may encounter throughout the year. This includes heavy rain, snow and slush as well as delivering great performance in dry conditions.

The Vector 4Seasons Cargo is completed with a wider cavity as well as grooves across the tread which resist aquaplaning, reducing braking time by up to 19% in wet conditions. Designed specifically for vans and light trucks, the Cargo has all the grip you need for delivering your loads safely and efficiently.

  • Provides optimum performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Improved mileage compared to other tyres
  • Tyre provides high performance all year round
  • Safe driving in wet and snowy conditions


Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo Key Features:
  • Interlocking sipes provide enhanced grip and stability
  • Enriched tread design extends expected mileage
  • Reduced rolling resistance increases fuel efficiency
  • Tread design increases wet grip

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About Goodyear

The Goodyear Tyre Company have developed their reputation for excellence in tyre design over the past century, with their name known around the world for providing top quality tyres. Goodyear's innovations in tyre design include the 3D Blade Sipe System, Eco Plus Tread Technology and Eco Cushion Technology. These innovative technologies are designed to increase the safety and economy of Goodyear tyres.Manufacturers who use Goodyear Tyres as Original Equipment on their vehicles include Ferrari, Ford and Land Rover. These tyres have been designed specifically for the demands of the vehicle with the trust shown being a result of the tyre quality.Here at Protyre we recommend Goodyear tyres without hesitation due to the innovative design features and high quality construction of all tyres.

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