Falken Linam Van01

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The Falken Linam Van01 tyre is a touring summer tyre which has been specifically designed for use on vans. It provides excellent safety, durability and road control. Its advanced design features and reinforced polymers also offer improved wear resistance, longer life and economic performance. They grip the road well in both wet and dry conditions for responsive handling and an engaging driving experience. The Linam Van01 is the ideal choice for fleet managers and any business looking to optimise the efficiency and productivity of its light trucks.

  • 22 variants
  • Rim sizes from 14 to 17 inch
  • Wet grip rating of A
  • Fuel rating B-C
  • Noise rating of 72


The Falken Linam Van01 Key Features:

  • Special sidewall protection bands guarantee exceptional durability
  • Flatter tread profile and increased tread pattern stiffness provide increased wear life
  • 4D-nano design technology ensures maximum road contact area
  • Symmetric tread for low rolling resistance

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About Falken

The Falken tyre brand has been delivering value and performance to motorists, motorsports and the automotive industry since it was launched in 1983 by Sumitomo Rubber Industries of Japan. Originally conceived as a race track tyre, its specifications were expanded to cater for touring and city driving. Falken tyres are commonly used on commuter cars, SUVs, 4x4s, vans and trucks. All Falken tyres come with a 5-year warranty.

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