Falken Eurowinter VAN01
195/75R16 107/105R

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The Falken Euro Winter Van 01 is recommended as a specialist winter tyre for small vans and light trucks with excellent grip and stability whilst extending the time between fitting new tyres. The Euro Winter Van01 is designed with wet and and icy conditions in mind to improve grip, decrease braking distances, enhance handling and provide even tyre wear. The tread pattern technology is designed to keep you on the road in slippery conditions, by enhancing the contact between the tyre and the road.

  • Directional tread pattern enhances grip in winter conditions by generating deeper connection with the road surface.
  • "Adaptive Constant Pressure" tread creates larger area of contact to improve grip and produce even wear.
  • 3D-sipes produce especially short braking distance on ice and provide better vehicle handling.
  • Designed to provide a quieter drive with improved comfort.
  • Tough outer design increases protection in winter and extends tyre life.


Falken Euro Winter Van01 key features:

  • Innovative tread compound for reduced tyre wear, shorter braking distances and improved stability
  • Improved fuel savings with B-D fuel rating
  • Wet grip rating is A-B, providing great handling
  • Noise level is 70-73 for increased driver comfort and a quieter ride
  • 31 sizes available, providing an excellent choice
  • Wheel sizes from 14-17 inches, suitable for a range of different vans and trucks
Falken Eurowinter VAN01
195/75R16 107/105R

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195/75R16 107/105R


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About Falken

Falken pride themselves in connecting all aspects of driving with the all-important tyre. With a focus on the tyres' contact with the road, they strive to create impeccable tyres to enhance the driving experience, prolong the life of the tyre and maintain safety. A vast array of tyres are available to suit multiple vehicles, different road conditions and fulfil different purposes. We recommend Falken tyres for the passion shown by the company in producing high-quality tyres to keep road users safe, handle all types of conditions and advanced tread technology, all at a price suitable for the everyday user.