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We offer tyre puncture repair services at Protyre. These are designed to extend the lifespan of damaged tyres that are slowly running flat. If your tyres are just punctured, you might not need to replace them. However, a car tyre puncture repair can only take place under specific circumstances.

That means it’s important to get an expert to check over your tyres, so you don’t put yourself, your passengers, your vehicle, or other road users at risk. Thankfully, you can book a tyre check for free at any of our garages.

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What type of tyre repair do I need?

The best-practice tyre repair guidelines used by trained tyre fitters are specified in the Motor Vehicle Tyres Regulations, under British Standard BS AU 159.

Only three types of tyre repairs will result in a safe, long-term fix:

·        Patch repair – A piece of rubber is glued to the inside of the tyre. When the vehicle is driven, this vulcanises to the tyre rubber and is heated up by road friction.

·        Plug repair – A piece of rubber or leather is coated in rubber glue and inserted into the puncture hole, sealing it. This vulcanises as the tyre heats up when driving.

·        Combination repair patch and plug – Combining patch and plug methods, a combination repair is a more reliable and lasting tyre repair method than just a patch or plug.

There are a number of emergency tyre repair methods you can use soon after a puncture takes place, such as tyre string, repair patches, tyre weld kits and puncture sealant kits. But none of these are a long-term solution. You should only use them for tyre puncture repairs by the roadside, so you can get your car to a tyre fitter for a permanent repair.

How to book tyre repair

If you think you need a puncture repair, we can help. Book your free tyre check and let our experts assess the damage. Then we'll advise you on your next steps.

·        If your tyres are damaged but not flat, you should slowly and carefully drive to your local Protyre garage.

·        When you bring your vehicle to us, we'll assess whether or not a puncture repair is the best option. In most cases, we'll recommend that you replace a damaged tyre.

We know there’s never a convenient time to get a damaged or punctured tyre. That's why we’re always on hand, so if you've got a flat tyre on the roads, we can come to you. Simply find your nearest mobile tyre fitter to keep the process as stress-free as possible.

Why choose Protyre for tyre puncture repair?

At Protyre, we're one of the UK's fastest-growing independent garage networks. With over six million tyres (20 per cent of the total UK market) sold annually, we know a thing or two about helping you find and maintain the best tyres for your car.

Along with selling premium, mid-range and budget tyres from world-renowned manufacturers, we're experts in repairs and replacement. Here's why you should choose our team to fix your tyre puncture:

·        If your tyres are too badly damaged for puncture repair, we'll replace them. You can get same-day fittings on hundreds of car and van tyres across the UK.

·        We can also service and MOT your vehicle, with many services available while you wait.

·        From suspension checks to wheel alignment, we take your safety seriously. If you're worried about your car, make the most of our range of free checks.

·        We put our customers first, every time. Our ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot proves our consistency and how we go above and beyond for our customers.

·        We have 180+ garages around the UK, so you'll find us located near you.

In our help and advice section, we've included key information on keeping your car and tyres in great shape. Below, we've answered FAQs about car tyres and puncture repair.

Car tyre repair: FAQs

How can I tell if I need a puncture repair?

Most modern cars come with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) designed to alert you if one or more of your tyres loses pressure.

If your tyre pressure warning light illuminates while you're driving, there's a chance that one of your tyres is deflating – so a tyre puncture repair might be needed. Driving over screws or nails is a common cause of tyre puncture. These can usually be fixed, but it all depends on the extent of the damage.

At your local Protyre garage, our mechanics will check whether a car tyre repair can be performed safely. We will look at the size of the puncture, its location and the overall condition of the tyre. With this information, we can tell you whether we can legally repair the tyre, or if you will need to replace it.

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How much does a car tyre puncture repair cost?

Typically, a single tyre repair will cost between £20 and £26, depending on the overall damage to the tyre, and the number of tyre pressure valves per tyre. A larger puncture on a tyre with many valves might require a less expensive repair method than a smaller area of damage on a tyre with fewer valves, for instance.

That means it’s always important to book a free tyre check and have the damage assessed before rushing to a decision or hunting for a bargain – you may end up putting your safety at risk.

Can run flat tyres be repaired?

Run flat tyres can’t undergo tyre puncture repair due to their design. This means they must be replaced even after a single puncture.

The sidewalls of these tyres are specially reinforced so that your car’s handling characteristics are preserved for the rest of your journey, letting you safely drive to a tyre fitter.

Because RFT tyres can be driven for a period after the puncture occurs, their overall structure can become damaged. But this wear is impossible to see without looking at the internal composition, which isn't possible during a regular tyre repair. So, it can't be guaranteed that run flat tyres are safe after a puncture.

Are puncture-repaired tyres safe? How long do they last?

Carried out correctly, tyre puncture repairs last the lifetime of the tyre because they are designed in line with tyre puncture repair law. These regulations reflect the various types of damage tyres undergo.

If the puncture occurs in a part of the tyre that’s more sensitive to damage, such as the rim, the law states a puncture repair can’t be performed. This is due to the strong risk that the repair won’t last long under the demands of the road. It’s this approach to safety that keeps puncture-repaired tyres safe to drive.

What's the law on tyre repair?

Tyre puncture repairs should always conform to British Standard BS AU 159, which forms the basis of UK tyre puncture repair law. It states that:

·        Tyres can only be repaired in the ‘minor repair area’ that spans the central 60-70% of the tyre.

·        The puncture hole must have a diameter smaller than 6mm.

·        If the tyre’s speed rating is V or above, it can only be repaired once.

·        Damage to the outsides or walls of the tyre – the ‘major repair area’ – cannot be repaired. You’ll need a full replacement.

What are the laws on tyre safety?

Your tyre repair will also have to be up to UK tyre law standards. These state that car tyres are illegal if they fail any of the following conditions:

·        Tyre thread is at least 1.6mm across a continuous band in the centre three-quarters of the tyre, around the whole tyre circumference.

·        Tyres must be inflated to the correct pressure, as shown on the tyre wall.

·        Tyres must be fit for purpose. They must have zero defects that could endanger pedestrians, road users, or the road surface itself. Defects include bulging, cuts or tears larger than 25mm or 10% of the tyre width, or exposure of the tyre ply or cord.

If the condition of your tyres is not in line with these tyre puncture repair regulations, then you will need to replace them.

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