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Known for its exceptional-quality tyres and extensive premium range, Pirelli is one of the largest and most respected tyre manufacturers in the world. In the Protyre range, get Pirelli tyres for cars, vans, bikes, 4x4s and more – as well as run-flat and all-season Pirelli tyres.

Our Pirelli tyres are often available with same-day appointments, and with over 180 locations nationwide, there’s sure to be a garage near you. Book your fitting by filling in your reg and postcode below, or call us on 03330602294 or via email

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Why choose Pirelli tyres?

Pirelli tyres might not be the biggest or most-used tyre brand in the UK, but they are known as some of the best.

By making partnerships with prestigious car manufacturers across the globe, Pirelli tyres span a portfolio of over 1,700 homologated tyres: those that are specifically designed for particular models – Porsche 911s, for example.

And alongside model-specific Pirelli tyres, you can also get your hands on run-flat, all-season, eco-friendly, summer, winter, and extra load tyres too. All are made with the latest tyre tech: nanocomposite rubber compounds, specially developed asymmetric groove patterns, and PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) technology that lets you listen to your engine, not the road.
For their innovative approach, Pirelli was recipient of the Tire Manufacturer of the Year award at 2018’s Tire Technology International Awards, and was the first tyre manufacturer to receive a three-star accreditation from the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme.

If you want your motoring to be as advanced as possible, view the Pirelli tyres in the Protyre range below:

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What are Pirelli tyres?

Founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the company first started out producing rubber bands and other elastic items, then for carriages in 1885, velocipedes in 1894, before finally making the first Pirelli car tyres in 1901.

Today, Pirelli has 19 tyre industrial plants in 12 countries, located across four continents. All that infrastructure means Pirelli tyres are available in over 160 countries around the world.
Sport has always been a firm part of the Pirelli brand. The company first sponsored a sporting competition in 1907 and today it’s the tyre supplier for both the FIM World Superbike Championship and the Formula One Championship. In over a century, the brand has racked up countless wins, including coming pole in over 200 rallies.

How much do Pirelli tyres cost?

Wondering how much Pirelli tyres cost or looking for cheap Pirelli tyres? Well, the price of Pirelli tyres is dependent on their various features and designs. The higher the price, the greater the number of innovations in the tyre – if you want noise-cancelling tech or customised inner tread designs, then you’ll pay more.
That said, Pirelli tyres on the cheap side are available, and even with the more expensive models, know that when you choose Pirelli, you’re buying quality. As such, the added investment may mean a longer lifespan, compared to buying multiple cheap or used tyres.

The different types of Pirelli tyres

Whatever you drive, chances are there’s a Pirelli tyre that suits your motoring wants and needs:

Pirelli car tyres
Whether you drive a sports car or a saloon on the slicker side, Pirelli car tyres are designed and built from the ground up to provide the ultimate in performance – like their top-of-the-range P-Zero tyres.
As well as matching winter and summer driving conditions, there are also all-season Pirelli tyres available too. And if you want to put some eco-friendly tyres on your car to reduce your impact, tyres like the Cinturato P7 are on hand too.

Pirelli bike tyres
Pirelli bike tyres give super and sports bike jockeys the ride of their lives. If you want more grip, a better response, and a smoother ride, they’re an excellent choice.
Pirelli bike tyres like the Pirelli Sport Demon will handle all conditions with ease and boost engine efficiency. For racing on a track, Diablo Superbike tyres are a great choice – the official tyre of the World Superbike Championship!

Buy Pirelli 4x4 tyres
Designed to handle heavy loads while allowing drivers to traverse the worst conditions, Pirelli 4x4 tyres are a high-performance, hard-wearing option.
For all-season Pirelli 4x4 performance and safety, choose the Carrier All Season tyres. If you’re hunting for a tyre that dampens road noise and has tough, protected sidewalls for off-road driving, the Chrono 2 is a top selection.

Pirelli van tyres
For sportier vans and high-mileage vehicles carrying heavy loads, Pirelli’s van tyres provide unbeatable capabilities, including comfortable rides and extended lifespans.
Pirelli tyres like the Scorpion Verde and Powergy improve fuel efficiency while protecting the vehicle’s handling characteristics. They also reduce the possibility of aquaplaning – a danger on wet UK roads.

How to buy Pirelli tyres in the UK

To order your Pirelli tyres in the UK, follow these simple steps:

  • At the top of this page, put your vehicle registration number and postcode into the tool, or search using the tyre size required – the tyres you need will be listed.

  • Choose the tyres you’d like – more information is available on each product page.

  • Find your local garage – there are over 180+ to choose from.

  • Select a date for your fitting – same-day fittings may be available.

  • Attend your appointment and enjoy the feel of your brand-new Pirelli tyres.

Why choose Protyre for your Pirelli tyres?

As the UK’s trusted local garage network, you can trust us with your tyres. Our Pirelli tyre range is extensive, and thanks to our combination of great-quality service, over 160 workshops, and continual training, our Trustpilot rating is still “Excellent after tens of thousands of reviews!
Get great tyres as soon as possible or shop around and gain expert advice on which high-performance Pirelli tyres would best benefit your vehicle. Choose Pirelli tyres in the UK today from Protyre – input your details above to view the range.

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