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In the UK, the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd was incorporated on 11 May 1905 and now, more than one hundred years, later Michelin includes tyre manufacturing among many other tyre technology and design-related activities. The manufacturer makes tyres for most vehicle types including car, 4x4, van, caravan, motorcycle and bicycle. Protyre stock a comprehensive range of Michelin motorcycle tyres, to suit almost any type of bike or rider.

Why choose Michelin motorcycle tyres?

Michelin tyres are not the most affordable on the market; however, as manufacturers, they demonstrably have a breadth of experience in developing top performing tyres. In particular, these tyres have a reputation for excellent road durability. Michelin stands by the belief that producing tyres with all-round performance is preferable to seeking to optimise one feature at the expense of others. A tyre that is merely designed for performance may let you down when it comes to other areas such as durability. This all-rounded approach means that Michelin tyres have a robust safety record for all weather conditions and rider styles.

How to buy Michelin motorcycle tyres online with Protyre

It’s easy to find new tyres and book a fitting date with Protyre. In just a few simple steps, we’ll help you order the right tyres for your motorcycle – and get you booked in at one of our 30+ local garages on a date that works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to buy your new tyres online. Here’s how the process works:
  1. Find your motorcycle tyres online:  Use the manual registration search to find your bike tyre. 
  2. Choose your local garage: With 30+ Protyre garages in the UK, find your nearest to get your motorcycle tyres fitted
  3. Book a tyre fitting date: Pick your preferred date. We can even do same-day tyre fitting on 1,000+ motorcycle tyres
  4. 5-Star Service: Buy your motorcycle tyres online from us and you’ll also receive award-winning service.

Michelin motorcycle tyres at Protyre – Same Day Fitting Available

The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT is a road tyre with an excellent pedigree. The dual-compound technology allows riders to achieve a cornering lean of up to 51.2°, which is unheard of for road tyres. Taking advantage of Michelin's research and development for Moto GP, the Pilot Power 2CT tyres are designed to provide both fantastic grip and unparalleled durability, in diverse weather and road conditions. Mixing hard with soft compounds allows these tyres to be long-lasting and offer excellent grip in wet conditions.
Michelin Pilot Street tyres are designed for the smaller motorcycle, such as the Aprilia AF1. This tyre has been constructed for use in urban environments, offering the rider both safety and durability.
The Michelin Road 5 tyre is a premium tyre designed to offer exceptional grip in wet conditions. Combining the Michelin Dual Compound technologies developed in the 2CT and 2CT+ ranges, the Road 5's combination of hard and soft compounds as well as the siped tread offers unparalleled grip in wet conditions, without compromising performance in dry conditions. Under testing, the Road 5 tyre provides fantastic braking in the wet even when in a 50% worn condition.
Michelin City Grip tyres are scooter tyres named in honour of its primary function: urban riding. The Progressive Sipe Technology is where the 'Grip' part of the tyres name comes in, as this is designed to eliminate sliding in wet conditions, as well as on hazards like maintenance hole covers. Designed to fit scooters such as the Peugeot Trekker 100 and the Hyosung GPS 125 Grand Prix, this tyre is ideally suited for big-engined and big-wheeled scooters.

Looking for advice on Michelin tyres?

If you are unsure which Michelin motorcycle tyres will best suit your motorbike or riding style, get in touch with your local Protyre garage, where our tyre professionals will be able to advise you on the best models to fit your wheels. You can also book a free tyre check if you are uncertain about the condition of your tyres. One of our qualified fitters will be able to discuss the condition and potential longevity of your tyres, suggesting your recommended next steps.

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