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Dunlop is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high and ultra-high-performance tyres. Their ‘race to road’ philosophy brings valued customers the benefits of breakthroughs forged in the heat of motorsport competition. Dunlop offers tyres for cars, 4x4s, vans, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, respected within the industry worldwide.

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Why choose Dunlop motorcycle tyres?

In 1888 John Boyd Dunlop invented the first pneumatic tyre in a bid to gain a competitive edge in cycle racing. Willie Hume won Dunlop’s first race in 1889, and they’ve been working to break records ever since. Over the last 130+ years Dunlop have been working hard to create tyres that stay ahead of the competition through innovation; they take what they learn from racing conditions and transfer it to their core range.
Dunlop are always working to improve rider’s grip, control, and safety, and are continually developing new technologies and tyres that are taken to the track to be tested in race conditions

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Dunlop motorcycle tyres at Protyre – Same Day Fitting Available

Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 tyres are general-purpose motorcycle tyres designed to offer premium grip in both wet and dry conditions. Handling is also prioritised by Dunlop manufacturers thanks to the optimised construction. Rear Sportmax tyres are constructed with a Jointless Band, ensuring that the tyre provides smooth performance as well as a consistent contact point with the tarmac.
For those wishing to ride on looser surfaces, the Dunlop Geomax Enduro is a fantastic off-road motorcycle tyre. Produced to meet the requirements of FIM regulations, this tyre provides increased traction, excellent grip in corners and improved wear across all kinds of terrain. Another benefit to the Geomax Enduro tyres is that they are street legal so that motorcycles can ride to competition venues or trails, rather than transported by other means.
Designed in collaboration between Dunlop and Harley-Davidson, the D408F and D407R are great looking and high-performance tyres. Fitted as standard to a number of Harley-Davidsons, these tyres can provide secure and robust handling in all conditions, while transferring the legendary torque from the engine to the tarmac.
Dunlop K82 motorcycle tyres have been designed to find the ‘sweet spot’ between performance and fuel economy, with a tread design which replicates the famed TT100 tyre – the first tyre to complete a lap of the TT circuit on a production motorcycle at over 100 mph. This aesthetically pleasing tyre would look great on a classic or lightweight motorcycle.

Looking for advice on Dunlop tyres?

Choose your Dunlop motorcycle tyres by selecting your size or by providing your vehicle registration number in the search option. If you are uncertain about the best tyres for your individual needs, get in touch with your local Protyre garage, and our tyre professionals will be able to discuss your requirements.
If you require advice about the condition of your tyres whether or not replacements are due, contact your local Protyre garage, and our qualified fitters can perform a free tyre safety check. Following this, our specialists will be able to discuss the next steps, including forecasting tyre replacement needs.

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Choosing the Right Tyres for Your Motorcycle

When searching for the perfect tyres for your motorcycle, it's crucial to consider the various types available. Premium motorcycle tyres offer superior performance and durability, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride.


Choosing a Brand

Choosing a reputable tyre brand is essential for ensuring quality, reliability, and performance. Leading brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Avon offer a wide range of tyre options to suit various motorcycle types and riding conditions.


Each tyre brand offers unique features, advanced technologies, and a strong reputation. By researching and comparing different brands, you can find the one that best meets your specific needs and preferences. Our detailed tyre brand pages provide comprehensive information on each manufacturer, assisting you in making an informed choice for your motorcycle. Explore the benefits of Bridgestone motorcycle tyres, Continental motorcycle tyres, Dunlop motorcycle tyres, Michelin motorcycle tyres, Pirelli motorcycle tyres, Metzeler motorcycle tyres, Eurogrip motorcycle tyres, and Avon motorcycle tyres to find the perfect match for your motorcycle.


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Tyres available from Pirelli, Eurogrip, Metzeler, Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone and many more of the leading manufacturers.

Tyre help and advice

Not sure about the best way to look after your new tyres? Need more help when buying tyres online? At Protyre, we’ve put together a comprehensive help and advice section. You can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.

    When should I change my motorcycle tyres?

    Tyre health is one of the most important factors on any vehicle and because motorcycles have two, they are twice as important. Even if you hardly ride your bike, tyres age and not many remain sound beyond ten years old. In terms of wear, good quality tyres can last 50,000 miles but most will last a lot less. In our experience, damaged or degraded tyres are one of the leading causes of failed MOTs and accidents. Have them checked often.

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    The Menace Of Part Worn / Secondhand Tyres

    Do you understand the difference? Should you buy them? What are the risks? This article will shed some light on these common questions.

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    What are the different types of motorcycle tyres?

    Motorcycle tyres can be categorised in various ways, but here we will split them into five types: Sport, Touring, Cruiser, ADV/Dual Sport and Off-road/Motocross.

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Motorcycle Manufacturers

To make choosing your motorcycle tyres even easier we have put together tyre information, based on the make and model of your motorcycle. Protyre recommend the most suitable tyre options for each individual motorcycle model, as advised by the manufacturer, we also recommend specific tyres for your bike.


    A story of rags to riches, the KTM garage arose from the ashes of post-war Austria. They built their first motorcycle, the R100, in 1951 and won their first racing trophy in 1954. KTM introduced Enduro motorcycles in 1964 and enjoyed years of success, but like many other European names, they went bust in the 1980s. Re-launched under new ownership in 1992, KTM released the famous "Duke" range of road bikes in 1994. Their signature orange livery was introduced in 1996, and they have since gone from strength to strength, dominating off-road events in motocross, cross-country, enduro, super enduro, supermoto and dual-sport.

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    About Ducati

    The unmistakable perfectly pitched purr of a Ducati is impossible to beat. With its impeccable design, this motorbike is adored and coveted right the way round the world. Ducati motorbikes have been imagined, designed and assembled with microscopic attention to detail. Even in today's mass-produced society, every single Ducati is hand-made.

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    The Suzuki Motor Corporation traces its history back to 1909 and a small coastal Japanese village. At first concentrating on producing looms for Japan's burgeoning silk industry, the company soon diversified into automobiles. The Second World War halted progress for a while, but the company subsequently responded to growing demand for reliable and affordable transportation.

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    Yamaha, an iconic brand in the history of motorcycles, manufactures a large range of bikes for all purposes. From adventure touring to motocross and sports models, it provides the wheels to take customers wherever they need to go in comfort, style and exhilaration.

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