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Bridgestone is one of the most well-regarded premium tyre manufacturers globally. They have been around for almost 90 years and produce tyres for passenger cars, trucks, buses, commercial vehicles, 4x4s and motorcycles. Bridgestone has even supplied tyres for Formula 1 cars between 1997 and 2010. Since 1988 they have also manufactured and sold tyres under the Firestone brand name. When it comes to motorcycle tyres, Bridgestone has a significant range, but perhaps their most popular and well-known are the Battlax series. The Battlax is Bridgestone’s premium brand on-road motorcycle tyre and caters for touring to racing and from small to large motorcycles.

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Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres at Protyre

When it comes to motorcycle tyres, Bridgestone has a significant range, but perhaps their most popular and well-known are the Battlax series. The Battlax is Bridgestone’s premium brand on-road motorcycle tyre and caters for touring to racing and from small to large motorcycles.
  • Bridgestone Battlax - The Battlax T31 features innovative pattern design and upgraded compound, superb wet grip performance, higher camber thrust, significantly improved handling and outstanding wear life. The Battlax A41 adventure tyre offers improved grip in tricky conditions (courtesy of 3LC, innovative pattern design, upgraded contact patch, and groove positioning) and ensures long-lasting and consistent performance, whatever the conditions.
  • Bridgestone Racing Battlax - Bridgestone’s Racing Battlax tyres offer unrivalled on-track performance for competitive riders. The Battlax S22 Sport uses new compound technology to offer great handling, excellent wet and dry performance, and superb cornering - all without sacrificing the wear life of the tyre. 
  • Bridgetone Battlax Racing V01 - gives high levels of grip and stability, super-quick precision handling, superior lateral grip for outstanding cornering, reduced chattering, and fast lap times from the offset. The rear tyre is also available in medium or soft compounds - enabling the driver to deal with any race-day conditions.
  • Bridgestone Racing Battlax W01 - tyre offers higher levels of grip in wet conditions - for weekend race enthusiasts and professional riders alike. The unique tread groove arrangement enables highly-effective water channelling from under the contact patch. Maximum corner grip is offered together with optimum braking, superior turning, and excellent drive traction.
  • Bridgestone Battlax Racing R11 - is aimed at riders who ride for sports and its improved specification helps shave vital seconds from lap times. Bridgestone’s proprietary tech and construction enables the tyre to achieve uniform distribution of contact pressure when cornering. This reduces lateral slides out of corners and allows riders to open the throttle earlier as they exit the corners. 
  • Bridgestone BattleCross - Bridgestone also offers BattleCross tyres for off-road bikes. These use advanced technology to ensure grip, speed, and control on any type of terrain.
  • Bridgestone Battlecruise - Bridgestone also offers the Battlecruise range for American V-Twin Cruiser bikes. The Battlecruiser H50 offers 40% better treadwear than its closest competitor without sacrificing handling or comfort. It also offers improved grip thanks to the new rain grooves and larger contact patch.
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Motorcycle Manufacturers

To make choosing your motorcycle tyres even easier we have put together tyre information, based on the make and model of your motorcycle. Protyre recommend the most suitable tyre options for each individual car model, as advised by the manufacturer, we also recommend specific tyres for your bike.


BMW began production of motorcycles in 1923, with the R32 model. BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company and have continued to grow year-on-year in the Motorsport market.
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Established in 1983, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is the largest British motorcycle manufacturer. Triumph produce a range of 750 cc and 900 cc triple-cylinder bikes in addition to 1000 cc and 1200 cc four-cylinder bikes. During the 12 months preceding June 2017, Triumph sold 63,400 motorcycles.
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Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson gained global recognition manufacturing marketing heavyweight, air-cooled cruiser motorcycles but in recent years they have broadened its offerings to include more contemporary motorcycle models.
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