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British company Avon are one of the best loved tyre makers in the world. They’ve been producing tyres of the highest quality since 1904 and their influence has extended across the world. Nowadays, Avon make tyres for every kind of vehicle, including cars, vans, lorries and of course motorcycles. Avon tyres are favoured for everyday road and track use alike, which is a testament to their quality, handling and durability. These tyres are particularly lauded for their ability to cope with variable weather conditions so if you are looking for a tyre that can handle the elements you should certainly take a look at the offerings from Avon.

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Why choose Avon motorcycle tyres?

Years of experience tell us that well-designed tyres make a huge difference to motorcycle performance, safety and the long-term costs of ownership. Conversely, unbranded, poor quality tyres often have a detrimental effect on the handling and can cost you additional money in the long run because of increased consumption of fuel and oil. All tyres wear down over time – motorcycle tyres especially need replacing more frequently compared to cars – but choosing a quality tyre from a trusted manufacturer is an opportunity to improve your bike and cut your costs at the same time.
Avon have been making motorcycle tyres since 1911. Today they make both premium and mid-range tyres for all kinds of vehicle but continue to be highly acclaimed among motorcycling enthusiasts. Avon produce tyres for classic motorcycles as well as superbikes, motor trikes, trailbikes, racing bikes, sidecars and scooters. Avon motorcycle tyres compete favourably with big manufacturers such as Pirelli, Metzeler and Michelin in both quality and performance. They are often a little cheaper too.
Avon are proud of their history and reputation and only produce good quality tyres. Specialised tyres are available for wet conditions and for bikes expected to carry a heavier load.

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The popular Avon Cobra range, with their special “snakeskin” pattern extending onto the sidewalls, incorporates technology from the world of motorsport to offer exceptionally agile handling. These tyres are very quiet too, and you can find extra wide versions for custom rides.
Avon Streetrunners are designed specifically with smaller bikes in mind and provide unparalleled grip in all weather conditions, not to mention improved handling. The Safety Mileage MKIIs are built for older bikes and come with a variety of tread patterns.
The Avon tyre range is broad, so you should be able to find a perfect fit for your bike. Whichever set you choose you are assured of a safe and durable tyre but as with all tyres it is essential to check them often, maintaining the correct tyre pressures and checking for any signs of wear. Good maintenance ensures your safety, your bike’s safety, and ensures you get your money’s worth from their years of loyal service.

Looking for advice on Avon tyres?

Regardless of how carefully you maintain your tyres though, they will eventually age. At that point, you may notice changes in how your vehicle handles and the tyres themselves may show visible damage. Our qualified fitters at Protyre offer free tyre checks (which you can book via our website). You can also pop into one of our garages at any time.

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Tyres available from Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Falken, Sumitomo and many more of the leading manufacturers.

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Motorcycle Manufacturers

To make choosing your motorcycle tyres even easier we have put together tyre information, based on the make and model of your motorcycle. Protyre recommend the most suitable tyre options for each individual car model, as advised by the manufacturer, we also recommend specific tyres for your bike.


BMW began production of motorcycles in 1923, with the R32 model. BMW Motorrad is the motorcycle brand of the German company and have continued to grow year-on-year in the Motorsport market.
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