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Demand for more sustainable driving choices has increased significantly in recent years, and electric vehicles now account for approximately 25% of all new vehicle registrations. With more electric vehicles on the road, demand for suitable electric car tyres has also increased.

Whether you've just made the switch from petrol or diesel to an electric vehicle or you've been a proponent of electric vehicles for some time, when the time comes to replace an EV tyre, it is important to select the right option to guarantee both the longevity and performance of your tyres, as well as the overall efficiency of your eco-friendly car. If you need advice on the most suitable ev tyres for your vehicle before you buy new ones, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Protyre garage or simply enter your vehicle registration below to get started.

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What is an EV tyre?

EV tyres are designed to ensure that electric vehicles work as efficiently as possible, which in turn provides drivers with the opportunity to enjoy additional range when out on the road. EV tyres are also designed with optimal aerodynamics in mind and are constructed from particular compounds that provide top quality grip and minimise rolling resistance, which are also factors that contribute to additional range.

Why are electric car tyres different to regular tyres?

Electric cars tend to be between 20% and 30% heavier than their non-electric counterparts because current technologies mean that lithium ion batteries weigh more than traditional vehicle engines. While standard tyres would very quickly start to show signs of wear when transporting such a heavy load, EV tyres are specifically designed and manufactured with the overall weight of the vehicle in mind, as they need to be able to successfully bear this additional load.

During the manufacturing process, a great deal of care and attention is put into treading the fine line between ensuring EV tyres are as lightweight as possible whilst also guaranteeing that they will retain their integrity and strength when out on the road. Let's not forget, that electric vehicles are now designed to support high-range drives, which is why EV tyres now need to withstand additional pressures when the car is in motion. So, just as tyres for 4x4 vehicles and motorhomes tend to be bulkier than other tyres, EV tyres need to have that extra resilience in order to carry the extra load safely.

As well as offering more durability, EV tyres will also maintain the correct air pressure even when transporting a heavy load, which standard tyres would struggle to do. This means that rolling resistance is minimised and energy use is maximised, contributing to a safer, smoother, and longer drive time.

Manufacturers have also been working to integrate innovative noise reduction technologies into EV tyres. This is because electric vehicles are much quieter than combustion engine vehicles, so drivers and passengers would have a significantly noisier in-cabin experience without tyres equipped with technology to dampen the sound. This technology typically utilises a layer of foam that is secured to the inside of the tyre, which works to absorb the road vibrations and prevent them from travelling through into the cabin.

Is it possible to fit a standard tyre to my electric vehicle?

Although it is technically possible to fit a standard tyre of the correct size to an electric vehicle, research undertaken by EV manufacturers states that doing so could reduce the range of your vehicle by as much as 20%, which will increase your charging times and costs significantly.

Additionally, EV tyres are designed to deliver the stability required to transport a heavier vehicle, so investing in EV tyres will result in a safer, smoother and better overall driving experience. So, if you don't want to risk compromising the performance of your vehicle and want to take every step possible to avoid experiencing a blowout, it is important to seek out the right electric vehicle tyres for your needs. Visit your local garage today to find out which are the best ev tyres for your car

How much do electric car tyres cost?

EV tyres have price tags that are equivalent to standard ICE tyres. However, different tyre manufacturers incorporate different features into their products in order to deliver the high quality driving experiences their customers are looking for. So, if you want to invest in an EV tyre with premium features, you should expect to pay a little more than you would for a basic EV tyre without any of the extra features.

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Do electric cars need to be fitted with winter tyres during cold weather?

It is not essential to fit winter tyres to an electric vehicle during the colder months; however, doing so can deliver an enhanced driving experience, so many EV owners do opt to switch out their tyres when the temperature is consistently below 7 degrees Celsius. The best examples of winter tyres for electric vehicles are designed to decrease stopping distances and maintain their flexibility even in freezing conditions.

There are even EV winter tyres available from a range of brands that are designed to perform well in severe winter conditions, as they are equipped with stud technologies, which improve braking performance and provide additional grip on ice covered roads.

Where can I find the best EV tyres for my car?

As purchasing the correct tyres for your electric vehicle is so important, there are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping around. It is vital to ensure that you know which characters are printed on the sidewall of the tyres that are currently on your vehicle, as these characters detail the precise specifications you will need to look out for.

If you select a tyre that doesn't match these specifications, it will not correctly fit your vehicle, and you may experience a reduction in range and performance. Additionally, fitting the incorrect tyres to your electric vehicle may also result in a blowout or puncture, which can compromise your safety out on the road.

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How to obtain EV tyre advice from a tyre professional

If you are at all unsure about which tyres you should select in order to experience the smoothest and safest drive possible, consult your local tyre Protyre team, who will have the knowledge and expertise to advise whilst also taking your driving style and preferences into account.

To obtain advice on the best electric vehicle tyres for your car or to arrange a tyre check with one of our qualified fitters, you can quickly find your nearest Protyre garage . From advice on the leading brands, including Falken or Bridgestone, to recommendations suited to your driving style, our experts have the skills and knowledge to help.

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