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When it comes to tyres, there are several manufacturers that are regarded as being a cut-above the rest. Dunlop tyres is one of them & they are often referred to as 'premium' tyre brands.

About Dunlop

Dunlop was founded by John Boyd Dunlop in 1889 in Dublin, Ireland. Today, Dunlop is a worldwide brand, making not just tyres but also footwear, construction materials, industrial products, and even sports equipment. It is operated by Goodyear in Europe, Australasia, and North America.

At Protyre, we offer a wide selection of Dunlop tyres, including Dunlop car tyres, Dunlop van tyres, Dunlop motorcycle tyres, and Dunlop 4x4 tyres. In fact, we are one of the largest stockists of Dunlop tyres in the UK. When it comes to Dunlop tyres price points, this varies considerably based on the exact make/model, but they are by no means 'unaffordable'.

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Dunlop car tyres

In the context of car tyres, Dunlop have been at the forefront of the industry for well over a century. Some of their most popular car tyres include

Sport Maxx RT2

The Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 is a premium summer tyre designed to be fitted to high-performance passenger cars such as the Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI Titanium, Renault Megane 250 Cup, BMW 335d, Audi TT Mk1, Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Sport, Mazda 3 2.2D 150, and Lexus CT200h. Featuring an asymmetric tread that maximises road contact, optimises grip and stability when braking and cornering, and reduces road noise, this tyre offers superior handling and is an excellent choice for drivers who want optimal performance. This tyre also utilises Dunlop's Adaptive Compound technology, a mixture of compounds designed to deal with various weather conditions.

Winter Sport 5

Offering maximum performance during the winter months, the Winter Sport 5 is a premium tyre for passenger cars such as the Audi TT Mk1, Lexus GS300, Hyundai Elantra, Chevrolet 2012 Cruze, BMW 530D, and Jaguar X Type 2.5 AWD SPORT. The features of this tyre include the Multi Blade System, advanced compound, and unique tread pattern. The Multi Blade System features dozens of small blades that provide extra biting edges - boosting traction on snow and ice. The advanced compound allows optimal road contact, reducing rolling resistance and increasing fuel efficiency. The unique tread pattern helps maintain the stability and shape of the tyre and boosts grip (particularly on slippery surfaces). Overall, this tyre offers excellent braking, handling, ride comfort, noise and fuel- economy - and is more than capable of handling fresh or compacted snow and slush.

SP Sport BluResponse

Designed for high-performance passenger cars, the SP Sport BluResponse is a premium summer tyre offering outstanding grip, precise handling, and impressive aquaplaning resistance. This tyre features a high-silica compound, reinforced construction, asymmetric tread pattern, and Dunlop's own Noise Shield technology.

SP Sport Maxx GT

A high-performance summer tyre designed for premium passenger cars, the SP Sport Maxx GT provides exceptional grip, handling, and responsiveness. This tyre features large shoulder blocks and a continuous central rib, providing enhanced cornering stability and precise steering response. It also utilises Multi-Radius Tread Technology (Dunlop's own technology), which optimises the contact patch of the tyre, promoting even tyre wear and improving handling. The compound is extra strong and helps reduce excessive wear.

Dunlop van tyres

Dunlop's range of van tyres include the SP Wintersport 3D, and the Econodrive.

The Econodrive is a summer van tyre aimed at delivering high mileage and greater fuel efficiency. It features a long-wearing compound, a four-rib tread pattern, and reinforced sidewalls. These combine to offer lower rolling resistance, extended lifespan, excellent performance on wet roads, and enhanced cornering and braking.

The SP Wintersport 3D is a high performance winter van tyre that can cope with the unpredictable British climate. It features a unique sipe distribution, special silica compound, directional grooves, and Dunlop Touch Technology. These combine to offer excellent drivability in all winter conditions, high levels of grip on wet (and dry) roads, increased aquaplaning resistance, and superb handling and stability.

Dunlop motorcycle tyres

Dunlop manufacture an extensive range of motorcycle tyres. Some of the most popular include the Geomax MX53 (motocross), the Arrowmax Streetsmart (commuting), and the Trailmax Meridian (adventure). They also have a partnership with the legendary manufacturer, Harley-Davidson.

The Geomax MX53 is an intermediate motocross tyre offering optimal traction on a wide range of terrains, enhanced handling, superb braking performance, and high levels of control when cornering.

The Arrowmax Streetsmart is a popular choice for commuters who also want high performance. Made with an innovative compound, this tyre offers excellent grip in wet conditions as well as durability. This tyre can be fitted to both lightweight and classic motorbikes.

The Trailmax Meridian is an Adventure touring tyre offering excellent grip and handling in all conditions together with impressive mileage. It features a range of Dunlop technologies, including the 'Ice Ax' tread pattern.

Dunlop and Harley-Davidson

Dunlop has been the Original Equipment manufacturer for the legendary Harley-Davidson bike since 1983. Perhaps the most popular Dunlop cruiser tyre is the D401. The D401 features an advanced tread pattern (providing better grip in wet or dry), and a computer-optimised tread profile that promotes even wear and increases durability. This is a popular choice for Harley-Davidson owners.

 Dunlop 4x4 tyres

When it comes to 4x4 tyres. Dunlop offer a selection for both summer and winter.

The SP Sport 270 is a summer tyre for high-performance 4x4s and some SUVs. This tyre offers enhanced traction on all terrains, superb grip, and excellent cornering stability.

The SP QuattroMaxx is a summer tyre for 4x4s and high-end SUVs, and offers superb road feedback, high aquaplaning resistance, and impressive grip on dry and wet roads.

The Grandtrek WT M3 is a winter 4x4 tyre offering superb snow traction, enhanced cold weather grip, and high aquaplaning resistance.

The SP WinterSport 4D is a winter tyre for SUVs/4x4s and delivers excellent winter handling and grip, exceptional performance on winter roads, enhanced snow and ice traction, and high fuel efficiency.

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Choosing the right tyres

When searching for the perfect tyre for your vehicle, it's important to consider the various tyre types available. Premium car tyres offer superior performance and durability for a smooth, comfortable ride. For added safety, run flat car tyres allow you to continue driving even after a puncture. Depending on the season, summer car tyres provide excellent handling and grip in warm weather conditions, while winter car tyres are designed to maintain traction on snowy and icy roads.

Selecting the right tyre variant depends on your specific driving needs, preferences, and local climate. Whether you prioritize high performance, run flat capability, or seasonal specialization, our tyre variant pages offer in-depth information to help you make the best choice for your vehicle. Explore the features and benefits of a premium car tyre, run flat car tyre, summer car tyre, and winter car tyre to find the perfect match for your driving style.

Choosing a brand

Choosing a reputable tyre brand is essential for ensuring quality, reliability, and performance. Leading brands such as Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres, Falken tyres, and Goodyear tyres offer a wide range of tyre options to suit various vehicle types and driving conditions. Other notable brands include BF Goodrich tyres, General tyres, GT Radial tyres , Hankook tyres, Runway tyres, Sumitomo tyres, and Toyo tyres among others.

Each tyre brand has its own unique features, technologies, and reputation. By researching and comparing different brands, you can find the one that best aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Our tyre brand pages provide detailed information on each manufacturer, helping you make an educated choice for your vehicle. Discover the advantages of BF Goodrich tyre, Bridgestone tyre, Continental tyre, Dunlop tyre, Falken tyre, General tyre, Goodyear tyre, GT Radial tyre , Hankook tyre, Michelin tyre, Pirelli tyre, Runway tyre, Sumitomo tyre, and Toyo tyre to find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Local Tyre specialists

At Protyre, in addition to Dunlop products, we supply and fit a vast range of tyres from other brands. This includes premium offerings from major names such as Pirelli, Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone; mid-range tyres from brands including Avon, Hankook, Firestone, and Uniroyal; and low-cost options from brands such as Budget, Ovation, Autogrip, and Enduro-Runway.

Where can I find Dunlop tyres near me?

You can find your nearest Protyre garage using the search function on our website (simply enter your postcode). All Protyre garages are staffed by experienced mechanics and qualified fitters.

Other Protyre offerings

As well as selling and fitting tyres, Protyre garages offer a range of other solutions, including MOTs, services, and a number of free vehicle safety checks. All of these can be booked either online or over the phone.