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There are few brands in the automotive industry as respected as Pirelli. Its recognition extends far beyond car enthusiasts and it can rightly claim to be a household name. At Protyre, we have Pirelli car tyres available to suit a wide range of driving styles and budgets.

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About Pirelli

Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli commenced production of car tyres in 1901. Today the brand counts 19 industrial tyre plants across four continents, with Pirelli tyres available in over 160 countries.

Partnered with prestigious car manufacturers across the globe, Pirelli boasts a portfolio of over 1,700 homologated tyres specifically designed for a particular model. The Porsche 911 is just one example but Pirelli is in high demand as an original equipment manufacturer.

Since 1907, Pirelli has extended sponsorship to elite motorsport competitions across the globe. As of 2011, the Formula One Championship exclusively uses Pirelli tyres. With Protyre, you can access unmatched Pirelli tyre offers to get that world-class drive feel on every journey you take.

Why choose Pirelli car tyres?

Pirelli is an international company supplying tyres of the highest quality. The brand invests around 3% of revenue each year on research and development, keeping its products at the highest specifications. Thanks to this continuous investment, Pirelli tyres remain at the forefront of the motor industry.

Over 100 years' experience have enabled this Italian company to produce tyres which provide the maximum levels of security, longevity and comfort. Each Pirelli tyre responds to the road and the driver, resulting in improved vehicle performance and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Pirelli is also a leading manufacturer of Run Flat tyres, providing greater control and mobility in the event of a puncture, even in very wet road conditions.

How to buy Pirelli car tyres online with Protyre

It’s easy to find new car tyres and book tyre fittings with Protyre.

In just a few simple steps, we'll help you order the right tyres for your car and get you booked in at a garage near you, on a date that works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to buy your new car tyres online. Here’s how the process works:

1.    Find your Pirelli tyres online: Enter your car registration and we'll find the perfect new tyres for your car.

2.    Choose your local garage: With 180+ Protyre garages in the UK, find your nearest to get your car tyres fitted.

3.    Book a tyre fitting date: Pick your preferred date and ask our team if we can offer same-day tyre fitting on your selected Pirelli tyres.

4.    Five-star service: Buy your car tyres online from us with the peace of mind that you'll receive award-winning service.

Which are the best Pirelli car tyres?

We have a fantastic range of Pirelli car tyres for sale. If you're looking for a high-performance tyre suitable for everyday driving, here are some key options to look out for:

Pirelli Cinturato P7

As Pirelli's first 'Green Performance' tyre, the Cinturato P7 takes full advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee savings and respect for the environment while delivering comfort and safety on all road surfaces.

Pirelli P Zero

A milestone in the development of the Pirelli range, Pirelli P ZEROis the tyre of choice for some of the most performance-oriented and powerful models on the market. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control – plus, it's excellent in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations.

Pirelli P Zero Nero GT

The Pirelli P ZERO NERO GT is the evolution of the P ZERO NERO™. With enhanced product performance and wider fitments across the range, this model targets those consumers who want to fit Pirelli tyres on their medium-large saloons and sporty cars.

Optimised materials and tread design introduce the latest technological developments. New compounds feature balanced silica content to enhance wear resistance, without compromising on its athletic feeling in both dry and wet conditions.

Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde

The Cinturato P1 Verde has been created to take full advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread pattern design in order to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces. This Pirelli tyre is fantastic for every eco-conscious driver.

Speak to the Protyre team for Pirelli tyre advice

At Protyre, our team of professionals know how important it is to offer a wide selection of tyres to equip your vehicle. When you speak to any of the qualified fitters in our garages, they will naturally recommend Pirelli tyres for uncompromised performance.

Pirelli is a world-leading brand producing tyres for family hatchbacks and supercars alike. We appreciate that different budgets demand different solutions, which is why we provide them as part of a range of tyres that combine high performance, efficiency and value for money.

You can find your nearest Protyre garage online, so why not visit us before you place an order? Finding your local branch only takes a minute and you could also benefit from our garage services and free checks including:

·        Wheel alignment

·        Air conditioning

·        Seasonal safety

We can help you keep track of the condition of your vehicle and its tyres. With over 180 sites across the UK, we're a national organisation – but each one acts as a local garage with knowledgeable, friendly staff who are always happy to help and offer advice.

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Not sure if Pirelli tyres are best for your car? At Protyre, we have over 700 different car tyres available from the biggest names in the industry. From Bridgestone to Michelin, Continental and Dunlop, it's worth browsing different brands to find a tyre that suits your car and driving style perfectly.

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Tyre help and advice

Not sure about the best way to look after your new Pirelli tyres, or need more help choosing the right model? We're here to help. In our comprehensive help and advice section below, you can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.

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    Tyres may not be the first thing you consider when it comes to vehicle safety, but tyres are your vehicle’s only link with the road. In fact, your safety (and that of your passengers) actually relies on an area of contact between the tyre and the road surface, which is no bigger than the palm of your hand.

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How do I choose the best tyres for my car?

Tyres may not be the first thing you consider when it comes to vehicle safety but don't sleep on them. The area of contact between the tyre and the road surface is no bigger than the palm of your hand but it plays a big part in ensuring your safety and that of your passengers.

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