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Part of the Giti Tire Group, the GT Radial brand is now positioned within the top 10 tyre manufacturers in the world in terms of volume and revenue. Producing quality tyres suitable for passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks and buses, GT Radial is focused on building the best tyres for the best performance, holding OEM contracts with renowned manufacturers including Citroën, Peugeot and Dacia.

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Why choose GT Radial car tyres?

Giti Tires has more than 65,000 points of sale across more than 130 countries around the world. With global development centres in Europe, America and Asia, GT Radial ensures state-of-the-art mid-range products made to a high quality. More than 600 engineers work to produce new, innovative technologies that provide quality, safety, and fuel efficiency in an array of conditions. Choose your GT Radial Tyre by selecting your size or by providing your vehicle registration number.

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It’s easy to find new tyres and book a fitting date with Protyre. In just a few simple steps, we’ll help you order the right tyres for your car – and get you booked in at one of our 160+ local garages on a date that works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to buy your new tyres online. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Find your car tyres online:  Enter your car registration and we’ll find the perfect new tyres for your car

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GT Radial car tyres at Protyre – Same Day Fitting Available

We have a great range of GT Radial tyres for sale. Here are some key options to look out for:

  • GT Radial 4Seasons Ensures fast water evacuation, resistance to aquaplaning, and short braking distances on wet surfaces. For high speed stability and dry road comfort.  Ensures excellent grip on snow and ice surfaces, for firm acceleration and short stopping distances. Provide fast steering response, excellent handling, and a “summer tyre” stability feeling.

  • GT Radial Sport Active The new SportActive is specifically developed for high powered rear and front wheel drive premium cars, with superb traction, immediate steering response to give you the ultimate driving power and superb mileage.

  • GT Radial Champiro Eco Excellent grip on wet and dry roads and maintains handling and braking properties at the highest level. Maintains air pressure over a longer period, delivers fuel efficiency with reduced CO2 emissions.  Works as noise frequency disturbers and provide a silent ride.

  • GT Radial Champiro 228  CHAMPIRO 228 combines fuel saving rolling resistance, premium driving comfort and highest safety standards for the demanding driver. Provides excellent grip on wet and dry roads and delivers high fuel efficiency by reducing the tyre rolling resistance. Decreases noise without compromising vehicle cornering performance.


Looking for advice on GT Radial car tyres?

If you are not sure if your tyres need to be replaced, please book your vehicle in for a free tyre safety check. Our qualified fitters will be able to assess the condition of your tyres and talk you through the next steps.

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Tyre help and advice

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