Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3

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For superlative all-year-round performance we recommend Goodyear's Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 tyre. It is designed for high-performance vehicles. In tests, it ranks extremely well against the competition, giving a genuine all-season level of performance that is consistent throughout the year. It handles heavy rain and slush exceptionally well, reducing braking time by 19% on wet roads. It is similarly effective in snow, giving smoother handling, 25% better traction grip and braking distances that are 12% shorter. In the summer it drives perfectly in hot and dry conditions, thanks to its special compound which adapts to all weather.

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  • Wet grip rating B-C
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Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 Key Features:
  • Snow Grip technology gives better grip with multiple sipes at the centre of the tread
  • Dry Handling technology ensures reduced deformation of the tyre during heavy manoeuvres and shorter braking distances
  • Aqua Control technology gives lifetime aquaplaning resistance with grooves that evolve to ensure optimum dispersion of water

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About Goodyear

The Goodyear name is among the most recognisable and trusted tyre brands in the world. Over nearly two centuries, it has prioritised innovation, from the invention in 1839 of the vulcanisation process, through breaking the land-speed record in 1965 to the first Formula 1 win in 1997. The company's engineers and scientists remain at the cutting edge in rubber and polymer science as well as computing, physics and mathematics. They have pioneered technological solutions to tyre blow-outs, fuel consumption, braking distances, interior noise and tread wear as well as developing special compounds and groove designs that evolve to prolong tyre performance and life.

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