Dunlop Winter Sport 5

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The Winter Sport 5 has been produced by Dunlop to provide safe and efficient driving in all wintery conditions. With superior grip on slippery surfaces due to the innovative sipe pattern, including sipes which react to the road conditions as well as deep grooves to prevent aquaplaning, the Winter Sport 5 is one of the safest winter tyres produced by Dunlop.

Thanks to the unique design of these tyres, weight is distributed optimally through the tyre, providing lower rolling resistance and increased fuel efficiency. Similarly, the greater number of blocks on the tread increases the surface area in contact with the road surface, providing better traction in snow.

  • Unparalleled grip on all slippery surfaces
  • Great performance in snowy conditions
  • Low rolling resistance provides superior fuel efficiency
  • Reduced road noise due to Noiseshield technology


Dunlop Winter Sport 5 Key Features:
  • Deep grooves in the tyre tread provide defence against aquaplaning
  • Tread pattern ensures great grip in snow and icy conditions
  • Optimal weight distribution and reduced rolling resistance delivers increased fuel efficiency
  • Angled centre sipes help to provide enhanced lateral grip in slippery conditions

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About Dunlop

From the development of the vulcanised tyre in the late 19th century by James Dunlop to today's innovative tyres for a range of vehicles, the Dunlop company has always been at the forefront of tyre technology. Dunlop are responsible for a range of innovations, including RunOnFlat technology and Noise Shield, providing a safer and more comfortable ride for drivers. Dunlop tyres are used as standard on a wide range of popular cars from global manufacturers, and Dunlop tyres for all manner of vehicles are class-leading. The long reputation that Dunlop have fostered for excellence over their history allows us to consistently recommend Dunlop tyres without hesitation to motorists of all kinds.

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