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The Power-Trac brand is relatively unknown in the UK but enormous in other parts of the world. Although renowned for its commercial tyres, the range is wide, with tyres for sports cars, saloons and the racetrack as well as heavy commercial vehicles and off-roaders. It currently offers four dozen different tyre designs.
Power-Trac’s head office is in Qingdao in Shandong province China, along with its parent company Shandong Haohua tyre company. The town is a hi-tech metropolis and home to Hisense, Haier and the Tsingtao brewery. Power-Trac was established in 1991 but the whole of Shandong has a long history of tyre manufacture. In our experience, Power-Trac has a well-deserved reputation for both quality and price; its tyres stack up well against similar offerings from Sumitomo and Falken.
Power-Trac 4x4 tyres include the Power Lander, the Power Rover and the Adventure Pro ranges.

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Not sure about the best way to look after your new tyres? Need more help when buying tyres online? At Protyre, we’ve put together a comprehensive help and advice section. You can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.

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Power-Trac 4x4 tyres at Protyre

  • Power-Trac Power Lander A/T The Power Lander A/T comes in rim sizes from 15-20” and with speed ratings R-T. Their fairly chunky zigzag tread means these tyres will be suitable for some light off-roading. Open shoulder grooves will do a good job of dispersing water, providing good wet weather performance. The tyre also has a wide footprint, providing all-weather traction and good support for well-laden vehicles. The tyre isn’t the quietest on the road but that is to be expected from any strong rugged tyre.

  • Power-Trac Adventure Pro A/T The Adventure Pro A/T takes a similar tread design but makes it chunkier for full off-roading capability. Durability is also provided by the rubber compound and with the Power Lander’s wider contact profile you can expect a tyre with exceptional tread life and braking ability. The Adventure Pro also boasts decent fuel economy and is available for rims of 15-20” with speed ratings from R-H.

  • Power-Trac Power Rover M/T The Power Rover M/T is only available for larger rims of 20-22” but takes an even more rugged tread approach with wide sipes and randomised multi-shaped blocks. On mud or snow the tread will effectively self-clean, maintaining good all-weather traction and excellent braking.

  • Power-Trac Power March A/S Power-Trac also offers tyres geared more toward SUVs and lighter 4WD road cars. The Power March A/S is available in rim sizes from 13-18” and speeds of T-Y. This tyre has a more conventional tread pattern with 4 circumferential grooves. Lateral sipes provide some asymmetry for safety on snow or ice but this is essentially a performance road tyre and geared toward a quieter, more comfortable ride.

  • Power-Trac Cityracing-SUV The Cityracing-SUV is specifically designed for urban SUVs and minibuses, with rim sizes between 17-24” and speeds H-W.


Looking for advice on Power-Trac 4x4 tyres?

Our experienced fitters can advise you about the tyres that best suit your vehicle, driving conditions and personal driving preferences. Contact your local Protyre garage to arrange a free tyre safety check, where our qualified technicians will take a look at the age and condition of your tyres. They will then be able to advise you how much life is left in your tyre set so that you can budget for their replacement. They will also spot problems like chronic under-pressure, over-pressure or tyre damage that might put you and your family at risk.

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Tyre help and advice

Not sure about the best way to look after your new tyres? Need more help when buying tyres online? At Protyre, we’ve put together a comprehensive help and advice section. You can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.

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