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Pirelli 4x4 tyres have been specifically designed to reduce road noise and vibration, resulting in improved driving comfort. The Pirelli noise cancelling system reduces noise by half on average, and the inbuilt sound absorbing technology reduces vibrations, providing superior comfort compared to traditional tyres. Pirelli 4x4 tyres can come with runflat technology which enables you to drive up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph in the event of a puncture, alleviating the need for a spare wheel. Pirelli 4x4 tyres in the UK are available from your local Protyre. Pirelli 4x4 tyres provide excellent grip and stability in any road condition. The tyres have low rolling resistance and reduced weight that ensures lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

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It’s easy to find new tyres and book a fitting date with Protyre. In just a few simple steps, we’ll help you order the right tyres for your car – and get you booked in at one of our 157 local garages on a date that works for you. All it takes is a few minutes to buy your new tyres online. Here’s how the process works:

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  • Pirelli Carrier A breakthrough in mileage. Mileage improvement of 30% thanks to a complete change of the profile geometry and an all new compound. Up to a 10% improvement in wet braking, wet handling and aquaplaning resistance thanks to an all new tread pattern, compound and profile geometry. Lower rolling resistance and improved comfort.
  • Pirelli Chrono 2 Comfortable and safe, it performs in all conditions of use and load. Characterised by low noise levels, the tyres provide excellent performance throughout their life, even when working under extreme conditions. A versatile tyre both for short and long journeys. CHRONO™ provides a reassuring drive even for long journeys. Excellent performance on wet and dry roads. Strong sidewalls provide increased lateral protection against impacts and kerb scuffing when parking. 
  • Pirelli Scorpion ATR A versatile and safe tyre, the SCORPION™ ATR features a tread with a specific self-cleaning pattern. It facilitates the most demanding off-road driving and resists the hardest shocks on uneven surfaces. Once back on the road it provides safety when braking and whilst cornering. It delivers a high resistance to aquaplaning and low rolling noise, which enhances the acoustic comfort in the cabin. Excellent traction in all road conditions. Characterisation as an all terrain tyre, this is confirmed by its ability to provide a safe and controlled performance on the most diverse surfaces: from gravel to mud, it offers a reassuring grip. 

Looking for advice on Pirelli 4x4 & SUV tyres?

If you are not sure if your tyres need to be replaced, please book your vehicle in for a free tyre safety check. Our qualified fitters will be able to assess the condition of your tyres and talk you through the next steps.

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Tyre help and advice

Not sure about the best way to look after your new tyres? Need more help when buying tyres online? At Protyre, we’ve put together a comprehensive help and advice section. You can find information to help you get the most out of your new tyres and more.


Tyre Speed Rating Explained

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The code found on the sidewall of a tyre gives quite a lot of information, including the diameter, height, width of the wheel, and the load index rating. The single letter at the end of the code represents the tyres speed rating. For example, if the code is 205/55R/16/91V then it is the V that is the speed rating.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are electronic systems built into vehicles to primarily alert the driver to a low tyre pressure situation.
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There are no hard and fast rules about how long a car tyre should last, with the lifespan of each tyre governed by a wide range of factors. Weather conditions, the temperature, road conditions and even your driving style can all influence the length of time a tyre remains in a good, usable condition.
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