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Years of experience tell us that when it comes to both performance and safety, there is no room for compromise on tyres. It isn't always easy to choose which is why we make sure our tyre professionals are always available to advise you. We are dedicated to helping our customers get the right tyres and, just as importantly, keep them in good condition. Anything less will risk safety.
Let's look at the 255/55/R19. That string of numbers might look baffling but is, in fact, easy to decode. The first three numbers tell you that the width of the tyre is 255mm. The next pair gives you its aspect ratio, which simply means the height of the sidewall from trim to tread expressed as a percentage of the width. Here, 55% of 255mm equals 140mm. The letter describes the tyre's construction which in this case is 'R for radial. You might also see B for bias belt and D for diagonal. The last two numbers denote the wheel's diameter, 19 inches. The mixture of metric and imperial measures may seem odd but that's the way it's done throughout the industry.
Tyres of this size are robust and belong to the group described as 'all terrain'. Ideal for 4x4s, they are designed for consistent, safe, high performance throughout the year and very suitable for winter driving. Be aware, however, that even the most durable tyres will suffer from tread wear so you should carry out regular checks. Also in a 255/55/R19 tyre pressure is very important, not only for fuel efficiency but for safe handling.
An all-terrain tyre such as the 255/55/R19 needn't break the bank. Our range includes highly-regarded names such as Pirelli as well as well-made budget options from the likes of Falken and Bridgestone. Why not check out our website and book a free tyre check online, or speak to one of our advisors today? It's our great pleasure to help.

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