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In looking to replace your tyres, there can be some confusion over which tyres you need to select. There are an array of tyres and tyre sizes available, and it is important to ensure you are choosing correctly for both your vehicle and the type of driving you are doing.
The first step is to take a look at the numbers printed around the sidewall of the tyre. Finding the code of 255/35/R19 provides a great deal of information about your tyres. The 255 refers to the width of the tyre, which is 255mm. The 35 tells us that the aspect ratio of the tyre is 35%, in that the sidewall height is 35% of the width. The R tells us that the tyre is of radial construction, which is the most commonly used method of tyre construction today. Finally, the 19 provides the width of the wheel, in inches.
Vehicles which use 255/35/R19 tyres include a wide range of Audi vehicles such as the S4 and S5, as well as BMW's 3 Series, 4 Series and the Z4. Other vehicles using these tyres include the Lexus ES, Mercedes AMG GT and Toyota Supra.
When looking at 255/35/R19 tyre pressure, you first need to consider the load of the tyres. If your tyre is a standard load tyre, inflating the tyre to 36 psi (just under 2.5 bar in old money), will provide maximum load stability. Always check the manufacturer's handbook for suggested tyre pressures for your vehicle.

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Choosing the correct tyres

When it comes to selecting the ideal tyres for your vehicle, understanding the different tyre variants is crucial. Premium car tyres deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and durability, making them a top choice for discerning drivers. Run flat car tyres feature reinforced sidewalls that allow you to continue driving safely even after a puncture, providing added peace of mind. Summer car tyres are optimized for warm, dry conditions, offering superior handling and grip, while winter car tyres are essential for maintaining traction and safety on cold, snowy, and icy roads.

Choosing the right tyre variant depends on your unique driving needs, preferences, and local climate. Whether you prioritize high performance, run flat capability, or seasonal specialization, our tyre variant pages provide comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision. Discover the advantages of premium car tyres, run flat car tyres, summer car tyres, and winter car tyres to find the ideal fit for your driving style and requirements.

Choosing a brand

When it comes to tyre selection, brand reputation is crucial. Renowned tyre manufacturers such as Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres, Falken tyres, and Goodyear tyres are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. Other trusted brands include BF Goodrich tyres, General tyres, GT Radial tyres , Hankook tyres, Runway tyres, Sumitomo tyres, and Toyo tyres.

Each tyre brand offers a unique combination of advanced technologies, materials, and design features to enhance your driving experience. By exploring our tyre brand pages, you can compare the strengths and specialties of each manufacturer, read customer reviews, and find the brand that aligns with your expectations for quality, performance, and value. Make an informed decision and choose a tyre brand whether it's a BF Goodrich tyre, Bridgestone tyre, Continental tyre, Dunlop tyre, Falken tyre, General tyre, Goodyear tyre, GT Radial tyre , Hankook tyre, Michelin tyre, Pirelli tyre, Runway tyre, Sumitomo tyre, or Toyo tyre. You can trust your choice will help you stay safe on the road.

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