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Whatever you drive, making the right choice of tyre is absolutely vital. Tyres are among the most significant contributors not only to the performance of your vehicle but also to your own safety. As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road surface, your tyres bear a heavy responsibility. At Protyre, our tyre professionals recognise the vital role tyres play and, in our experience, it pays to choose correctly.
First, let's understand the classification of tyres. Take the 235/55/R17 as an example. The first group of numbers tells you it has a width of 235 millimetres. The second number gives the aspect ratio which means the tyre's sidewall height from the edge of the trim to the tread is 55% of the total width, which in this case is 129 millimetres. The letter tells you how the tyres were constructed: R for radial, B for bias belt and D for diagonal. The last digits tell you the diameter of wheel the tyre will fit – in this case 17 inches.
235/55/R17 tyres are considered to be the top choice for green performance on SUVs, 4x4s and crossovers. It's possible to fit all-season versions of this tyre so let's think about the choices you'll need to make.
There are various important factors to take into account. The first thing to consider is the kind of vehicle you drive, whether you are fitting out a car, a van, a 4x4 or a camper van. Size, weight and engine power all make a difference. For that reason, manufacturers specify recommended types of tyre to help you get it right.
You should also think about where you live and the conditions in which you are most often going to be driving. If you live in an area prone to heavy rainfall, you might want to make tyres with a good wet grip score. If you live somewhere with a rough or mountainous terrain like the peak district, you'll have different requirements from someone living in the fens.
Perhaps surprisingly, the way in which you drive will have an influence on the effectiveness and longevity of your tyres. You may prefer gentle, steady progress, or you may be someone who tends to drive fast, with confidence in over-taking and pushing the upper end of the speed limit. You might be especially cautious and prefer to slow down gradually before making turns and corners, or you might not brake until you're nearly on top of junctions. You might tend to adapt your driving to adverse weather conditions or simply drive as you would in all situations. All driving styles are accommodated for by the range of tyres available.

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