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Although tyre sizing is very precise and there will only be one size that is a perfect fit for your car, even within these parameters you'll find tyre options with varying attributes. The 235 50 R18 is in widespread use on many regular passenger cars but there are tyres of the same size made for SUVs and others specially designed for the different seasons.
In our experience, the 235/50/R18 is available as an excellent touring tyre with various manufacturers offering outstanding wet performance and good traction in light snow. The best options will also give you comparatively high mileage and good fuel efficiency.
What do those numbers mean? It's fairly straightforward when you know what you're looking at. It fits an 18-inch wheel and the letter 'R means it's constructed in the very popular radial style, with the plies arranged across the tyre at right angles to the direction of travel for maximum grip and holding. 235 denotes the width in millimetres while the 50 tells you the aspect ratio, or distance from the edge of the trim to the tread is 50% of the tyre's width.
It's important to keep your tyres in good condition, paying particular attention to the depth of the tread and changing your tyre long before it reaches the legal minimum of 1.6mm. To maintain the optimum performance of the 235/50/R18 tyre pressure should also be checked regularly. This helps with both safety and efficiency.

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