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The size of a tyre is printed onto its sidewall and is defined by three numbers. The first gives the width of the tyre expressed in millimetres, which is followed by the height of the tyre sidewall which is defined as a percentage of the width. The third number is the rim size in inches that the tyre fits, preceded by the tyre designation letter, which defines the tyre construction but does not relate to its size. Additional information includes other aspects such as the load index and speed rating.
The tyre size 235/45/R18 means that the width is 235mm, the sidewall height is equal to 45% of the width and it is a radial tyre designed for an 18-inch rim. There are many cars that use this tyre, ranging from saloon cars such as the Honda Accord and Mercedes C-Class to sports cars such as the Porsche 718 and Aston Martin Vantage. There are even a few SUVs that use this size, including the Audi SQ2.
Our tyre professionals at Protyre have selected a variety of 235/45/R18 tyres to stock, including plenty of premium, mid-range and economy options to suit your budget.

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