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If you’re looking for a great range of 235 45R17 tyres then you’ll find them at Protyre where we are dedicated to sourcing tyres that deliver the best value to our customers. Combine that with our friendly Protyre service, and motorists have the ingredients for smooth and safe driving. Shop online and make use of our handy tools, or visit us at one of our garages. No matter your needs or circumstances, we will help you find 235 45R17 tyres to suit almost any car or budget.
The dimensions of the 235 45R17 tyre can be understood easily when represented in this way:

  • Height: 235

  • Width: 45

  • Diameter: 17

Tyres of this size can be used for general driving, or in versions for summer or winter conditions. It's a good idea to know if you expect to drive on gravel roads, snow, or in extreme heat so we can help you choose the tyres for maximum safety, comfort and handling wherever you may go. All Protyre garages have teams of expert staff on hand who can discuss your driving requirements and make sure you get the best tyres for the job. If you move heavy loads, we have tyres specially designed for this purpose, along with run flat tyres with reinforced side walls for extra strength and durability.

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