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It can't be said often enough; choosing the right tyres and maintaining them in good condition is one of the most important responsibilities of the motorist. In our experience, because of the increasing sophistication of automotive technology, we all tend to focus our attention on the more complex components of our cars: engines, fuel systems, onboard computers. Of course, these are all essential parts, but it is a mistake to concentrate on them and overlook the comparatively simple technology that makes a huge contribution to both our safety and our car's performance. We're talking about tyres.
They are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road surface, which means there is a lot more than just weight riding on them. If they are correctly selected for your vehicle and properly maintained, they will repay you in performance and fuel efficiency as well as giving you a reassuringly stable grip on the roads in all weather conditions.
If your choice of car is an SUV or other high-performance vehicle, then you need tyres to match. Our tyre professionals may recommend 235/35/R19 for the driving conditions you're likely to encounter: this size is appropriate for a wide range of popular vehicle makes and models. The generous 235mm width, 35% sidewall height and 19-inch size means they have a truly impressive level of grip. We stock 235/35/R19 tyres from a range of manufacturers to suit every budget and from names such as Pirelli, Falken, Sumitomo and Bridgestone. You will find a variety of different tread patterns suitable for a variety of uses including track, highway and urban streets.
Don't forget the importance of regular checks on your 235/35/R19 tyre pressure and tread level.

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