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At Protyre we stock 225/55/R17 tyres to suit a number of models. These are mainly used by prestige SUV-type vehicles, such as executive 4x4s from makers like Mercedes, Land Rover, Jeep and Volvo, and we have tyres available in this size to suit most requirements and budgets. All of the 225/55/17 tyres on the Protyre website have clearly displayed ratings for fuel efficiency, wet grip and road noise, so you can easily compare the different brands and decide which best suits your needs.

225/55/R17 tyres have the following characteristics:

  • A width of 225mm

  • An aspect ratio of 55%, giving a tyre height of 123.75mm

  • Are of radial (R) construction

  • A diameter of 17 inches

Choosing the correct tyres for your vehicle is extremely important for both safety and performance, as is ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure. The correct tyre pressure is dependent upon the vehicle the tyres are fitted to, and not the tyres themselves. This can be found in your owner's manual and differs slightly depending on make/model.

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