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Protyre stocks a full range of 225 50R17 tyres for any vehicle and all types of driving. If you let us know what kind of driving you do the most - motorway, off-road, winding country roads, short distances, long distances - then we can find the right tyre for your particular needs. You can be reassured that we will recommend the tyres that will work the best for you in terms of performance, grip, fuel usage, grip and safety. It is important to get the right tyre size for your vehicle and 225 50R17 means that your tyre has to be 225 mm wide with a 50% aspect ratio, radial construction and 17 inches for the diameter of the wheel rim.
At a Protyre garage, you can see many different types of tyres in that size including all-weather, summer and winter tyres. We can give you the full lowdown on each brand and its suitability for your kind of driving. You can also see the EU rating for each brand, which lets you know how fuel efficient it is, how well it grips on wet roads, and its exterior noise in decibels. These EU performance ratings are useful indicators of how well a particular tyre is going to perform for you.

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