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Tyres marked 225 45R18 are designed for vehicles with 18in rims and designed for tyre widths of 225mm with a 45% aspect ratio. The aspect ratio (or profile) is the depth of the tyre’s sidewall as a percentage of its width. The “R” indicates that your tyres have a radial construction (it is not a good idea to mix radial and cross-ply tyres).
To determine if a particular tyre is a good match for your vehicle, ideally you should check your user manual or consult a Protyre garage. Two other important factors are the tyre’s load-bearing capacity and speed rating.
Never fit tyres with a speed rating lower than the maximum speed to which your vehicle could ever be driven: even if you have no intention of trying to reach that speed. Often the speed category is written on the tyre’s sidewall following the 225 45R18. Speed ratings can be confusing: for example, “T” means 118mph and “V” means 149mph, but an “H” comes between them, denoting 130mph, so always check carefully. Online tables of speed and load-bearing codes are easy to find.

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