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Making sure you get the correct tyre is critical for safety, performance and handling. At Protyre, we are the local garage you can trust. Our expert qualified fitters will help you to find the perfect tyre for your vehicle.
You can find out which tyres your vehicle requires by reading the code on the sidewall of the existing tyres. This often starts with the letter P for passenger tyre. Eurometric tyres may have no letters at the start. The first set of numbers tells you the width of the tyre in millimetres. For the 225/45/R17 tyre, this means that its width is 225mm. This is a popular width, especially for larger passenger cars.
There will then be a slash "/" and another set of numbers. This describes the aspect ratio of the tyre. This is the height of the tyre relative to its width with larger aspect ratios meaning larger tyre sidewalls. In the case of the 225/45/R17 tyre, the ratio is 45% meaning it is 0.45 times as thick as it is wide. This makes the 225/45/R17 tyre a slightly low-profile tyre as it has an aspect ratio of less than 50%. The lower profile makes it a high-performance tyre with increased lateral stability and increased control on corners. On the downside, lower profile tyres can make for a harsher ride as there is less cushioning.
The "R" in 225/45/R17 indicates that the internal structure of the tyre is radial while the "17" shows that the wheel to which the tyres will be fitted needs to be 17 inches in diameter. The 225/45/R17 tyre pressure in most models should be in the region of 32 PSI or 2.2 bar but always check your owner's manual.

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