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Tyres come in many sizes, but you need specific information to determine the right option for your car. Our tyre professionals are always happy to give you advice, but it's well worth understanding how it all works.
Let's just run through the basics of sizing. Every tyre has its code imprinted on its wall which makes it easy to match the right tyre to your car. If we're looking at the 225/40/R18 for example, the numbers are telling us it is 225 mm wide, it fits an 18-inch wheel and has a sidewall distance from rim to tread of 40% of the overall width – in this case 90mm. You'll also see a letter which describes the tyre's construction, either 'R for radial, 'B' for bias belt or 'D' for diagonal.
So, what kind of tyre options are there in the 225/40/R18 size? This is a popular size, so it is available from a range of manufacturers. In our experience, tyres in this size are designed for everyday driving and will cope well in wet or dry weather. For general use in town and country you'll get great performance. Modern tyres are designed with safer, shorter braking distances, even on wet roads, they have excellent grip on the straight and in turns and they tend to be highly durable. They are used on a wide range of cars from the Ferrari Spider to the Honda Civic, from Mercedes and BMWs to Volkswagens.
As always, with the 225/40/R18 tyre pressure is an essential element in your car's safety and efficiency so you should check the pressure as regularly as you do the tread level. Our qualified fitters can advise you on how to do this. For a range of 225/40/R18 tyres to suit every budget, from Pirelli to Falken or Bridgestone, look no further than Protyre, the local garage with national presence. Fitting is included in all our prices and a warm welcome awaits you.

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