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All Protyre garages offer a range of tyres. We sell tyres from a wide variety of manufacturers and for all budgets. This includes Premium tyres from leading brands such as Michelin, Goodyear, and Pirelli, as well as more budget-friendly options from brands such as BFGoodrich, Ovation, and Autogrip. We are also able source more 'exotic' tyre requests thanks to our excellent relationships with suppliers/manufacturers.
Protyre are staffed by experienced and qualified fitters and our tyre professionals are up-to-speed and knowledgeable when it comes to tyre-related matters. Our garages offer a series of free vehicle checks, including free checks on your tyres.
At Protyre, we offer a range of tyres to suit all needs. If you are looking for 215 70 R16 tyres, a number of the most popular options are outlined below.

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