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If you’re looking to replace one or all of your 215 60R17 tyres then this is the page for you. At Protyre we search high and low to find the best prices across a range of tyres, so that we can offer our customers the widest possible selection, at prices that you won’t find anywhere else.
Many of our tyre customers tell us that they find the numbers confusing when identifying tyres, but once you understand the numbering system it all becomes much clearer. For a tyre designated as 215 60R17 the first number - 215 - denotes the tyres overall width in millimetres. Next comes the 60, which represents the tyre’s profile, or aspect ratio. The letter R denotes that this is a radial construction of tyre, while the 17 gives the wheel diameter in inches.
Browse our comprehensive collection of tyres, which encompasses top brands including Dunlop, Continental, Pirelli and Bridgestone. We also offer a selection of mid-range brands such as Falken, General and Toyo, with economy brands such as Autogrip for those on a tight budget. Our skilled and experienced staff will be delighted to assist you if you’re not certain which type of tyre is best suited to your needs. With a choice of summer, winter and all-seasons options, our handy guide shows you at a glance the special features of each tyre, so you can assess fuel economy, wet weather handling and even the amount of noise that each tyre generates.

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