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When purchasing new tyres for your vehicle, the three-part size code can be somewhat intimidating, especially if you're not familiar with the format of tyre specifications. Our guide below draws on the many years of expertise held by our tyre professionals to help you make sense of this code system, so that you'll feel confident you're choosing the best tyre for both your car and your budget.
A popular size, 215/60/R16 tyres are fitted to a wide range of vehicle models from an array of manufacturers. Audi use tyres of these dimensions in their Q2 SUV range as do other brands such as Peugeot for their fastback 508 model and Ford in their long-running, multifunction, Mondeo series. Naturally, as they're very popular, you will find this size is produced by the majority of well-known and respected tyre manufacturers such as Pirelli and Bridgestone, plus many more.
Often, the sheer number of search results coming back can be slightly intimidating, especially when you're trying to decide which brand to trust with your safety. Rest assured that the designation 215/60/R16 is simply the dimensions of the tyre itself, ensuring that it will work safely on your vehicle.
The first part, 215, refers to the width of the tyre in millimetres. The next contains a little maths, but don't worry no calculation is needed, it is the aspect ratio of the tyre; so in this size, the profile of the tyre is exactly 60% of the width. The final part refers to the rim size of the wheel itself. Choose a tyre with these dimensions and inflate it to the correct 215/60/R16 tyre pressure for your vehicle, as specified in your owner's manual, and you'll have a safe tyre for your vehicle.

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