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215 50R17 tyres are 215 mm wide with sidewalls 50% as deep (107.5 mm), and come in a radial construction to fit 17” wheel rims.
Protyre’s 215 50R17 tyres include most major brands and product ranges. The tyres available in this size vary in numerous characteristics, including speed rating, load-bearing, wet-grip, rolling noise, fuel efficiency, handling performance, temperature endurance and mileage.
One of the most important tyre characteristics is the speed rating, which is denoted by an alphabetical character usually following the 215 50R17 on the tyre’s sidewall. It’s advisable to check your existing tyres for this code, as well as the rating advised by your vehicle user manual. You should never fit tyres of a lower speed than those advised by the manufacturer: if in any doubt call Protyre for free expert advice.
Different tyre ranges are also optimised for varying conditions, such as urban commuting, off-roading, racing or optimum durability. Precise tyre performance will depend on your vehicle, vehicle use, and driving style, so let Protyre provide you with expert advice and fit your new tyres as efficiently, safely and quickly as possible.

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