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When you're choosing tyres for your car, the first thing to check is compatibility. The tyre sizing code you find on tyre walls is a valuable source of information. For example, you can tell immediately from its last two digits that the 205/55/R17 is suitable only for 17-inch wheels. The rest of the code needs a little more explanation.
The letter 'R tells you that the tyre's construction is radial rather than bias belt or diagonal, which means the cord plies are arranged at a 90-degree angle to the direction of travel. The advantages of this are flexible sidewalls, reduced rolling resistance and fuel consumption, a softer ride and less vibration. 205 denotes the tyre's width in millimetres while the 55 gives you the aspect ratio, which is the sidewall height from trim to tread as a percentage of the total width.
In our experience, the 205/55/R17 is available from a range of manufacturers as a versatile tyre which performs equally well in winter or summer. You'll find it suits vehicles from compacts and city cars to saloons and people carriers. It's also a popular choice for sports models and smaller SUVs. Whatever you drive, you should make sure that the tread level of your tyres stays above the legally prescribed 1.6mm minimum, not just to avoid hefty fines but also to maintain braking performance. And for similar reasons, it's important to check your 205/55/R17 tyre pressure frequently.

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