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The 205/55/R16 tyre is an increasingly popular tyre size among vehicle manufacturers and drivers. They are fitted to many popular cars including the Volkswagen Golf and Jetta, Vauxhall Zafira, Renault Megane, Audi A3, the BMW 3-series, Skoda Octavia, Honda FR-V, Toyota Corolla Altis and many A and B class Mercedes. Leading tyre brands including Pirelli and Falken offer several choices in this size, for example the Falken Sincera SN110, the Falken Ziex ZE310 or Pirelli Cinturato P7.
It is very important to check the recommended tyre dimensions for your particular vehicle. The most reliable way is to consult the owner's manual but do confirm it by checking the sidewalls of your existing tyre set. If they disagree, use the online contact app on this website to book a free tyre check with your local Protyre garage. Our tyre professionals can assist you if a previous owner has made any modifications.

Understanding tyre specifications

The way tyre specifications are written, especially on sidewalls, can vary but you should be able to make out which number and code letter relates to what. Using 205-55-R16 as the example, the "205" denotes the tyre width in millimetres, "55" is the "aspect ratio" which is the depth of the sidewall rubber as a percentage of the width, "R" means the tyre has a radial structure (most modern tyres do) and "16" is the diameter of the wheel rim the tyres fit onto in inches. Tyres must also be matched to the vehicle's weight and maximum speed, so also look for a "Load Index" number and a "Speed Rating" letter.

205/55/R16 tyre pressure

Correct inflation pressures are NOT stamped on your sidewalls because they depend on the characteristics of your vehicle more than the tyre. Check with your manual or look for a list provided near the petrol cap or inside a door jamb. If you are in any doubt, your easiest option is always to contact your local Protyre garage.

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