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You can find the correct tyre sizes for your vehicle from the user’s manual, but it’s always a good idea to check your current tyres for yourself. Somewhere along the diameter of the tyre are stamped letters and numbers that will look something like this: 205 55R16 91V.

Some manufacturers put the letters in a slightly different order, but the 205 55R16 is the part that tells you the physical dimensions of the tyre. In this case, “205” tells you the tyre is 205mm wide, “55” is the height of the rubber expressed as a percentage of its width (so 50% of 205 will be 102.5mm), and “16” is the diameter of the rims - in inches. A letter “R” will indicate that the tread pattern is radial. Additional letters, such as “91V”, tell you about the load rating and speed rating of those tyres. Your speed rating (in this example a “V”) is the maximum speed at which you can safely drive on those tyres. In practice, you should never reach this speed, so always buy tyres rated for a higher speed than your vehicle will ever reach. The number (for example, “91”) tells you how much load you can place on them: so bear in mind both the weight of the vehicle and the loads you are likely to carry in it.

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