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When it comes to 205 45R16 tyres, we have a vast selection at Protyre and our staff are dedicated to finding the best tyres for the best price for all our customers. You can shop for 205 45R16 tyres with us on our website or visit one of our large network of garages, where friendly Protyre mechanics can assist with any questions you might have about your tyre needs or maintaining your new tyres. We deliver a full range of services and support for customers buying new tyres, with fitting included in the price. We can usually fit your new tyres on the same day so that the entire experience is quick and convenient.
The 205 45R16 tyre basically exhibits these characteristics:

  • Width: 205mm

  • Ratio: 45 per cent

  • Diameter: 16”

These tyres can be customised for winter or summer driving and feature reinforced walls for moving heavy loads. If you visit one of our garages, we can guide you through the options available and make sure you have the best tyres to suit your needs, provide the highest levels of safety and deliver the ultimate in comfort.
We can supply our customers with a full profile of every tyre we sell, from details of how they handle in wet conditions to what kind of fuel consumption you can expect. We always aim to help you select tyres that will suit your vehicle and your budget while upholding the highest levels of road handling and driver pleasure.

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