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Getting the right tyre is vitally important. You want the best grip and handling when you drive, with fuel efficiency and noise other important considerations. It is important to check tyres regularly to spot any signs of wear and tear and to make sure the air pressure is correct.
When you come to replace your tyres, it pays dividends to speak to your local garage about the type of driving you usually do. Whether this is on the motorway or local trips, the experts at Protyre can tell you which brand will suit you best.
Your 185 65R15 size means your tyres need to be 185mm wide with a 65 per cent tyre profile, radial construction, and a wheel rim diameter of 15 inches. You can also look at the EU rating of tyres to see which perform best for you. When buying tyres, it is recommended to check the EU rating to see how quiet, responsive and fuel efficient they are.

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