Runway Enduro Tyre Series

Runway Enduro tyres are sold in countries all over the world and are renowned for giving terrific performance to users while also saving them money. Through top performance and an extensive dealer network on all continents, the brand has earned a reputation for quality, value, and safety.

All Runway Enduro tyres are produced at Giti Tire’s production manufacturing facilities that make millions of tyres every year for sale in the global market. Below are the most popular Runway Enduro tyres at Protyre. Click on the title for more buying options.

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Runway Enduro 616

  • Lightweight, yet robust casing construction reduces fuel consumption and provides high comfort
  • Optimised tread pattern provides excellent wet and dry grip
  • Reinforced belt construction with two steel belts and full nylon protector delivers high load and speed capacity and even wear patterns
  • New bead design reduces heat build-up in high load conditions and extends the life of the tyre

Runway Enduro 726

  • Advanced tread design for quiet and comfortable ride
  • Four wide circumferential grooves provide efficient water clearance and outstanding wet performance
  • Modern casing construction provides comfort and excellent steering response

Runway Enduro 806

  • Durable casing construction and composite tread compound increase cornering performance
  • Combination rib and block pattern with circumferential grooves and lateral slots provide excellent water evacuation, stability and braking performance
  • Strong shoulder blocks with multiple tread sipes     for better cornering stability and increased water clearance

Runway Enduro 816

  • Four wide circumferential grooves provide efficient water clearance and outstanding wet performance
  • High silica compound ensures exceptional grip in wet and dry road conditions
  • Continuous full width belt construction improves steering response and tyre stability
  • State of the art casing construction provides comfort and excellent steering response
  • Extended shoulder grooves enhances water clearance and improves cornering stability and wet grip

Runway Enduro AT

  • Special block tread design with multiple sipes provide optimum off-road traction
  • Open shoulder grooves and wide lugs ensure superior all-surface traction for all weather conditions
  • Full nylon cap ply improves stability and handling
  • High tension bead for excellent load bearing support, steering and cornering

Runway Enduro HT

  • Modern "S" shape pattern with variable pitch shoulder design provides superb handling and a smooth, quiet ride
  • Four circumferential grooves and open shoulder slots reduce the risk of aquaplaning
  • Special tread compound and wide shoulder slots enhances tread life and provides consistent wet and dry traction
  • Ultra-strong structural design     provides reliability and durability
  • High tension bead provides excellent load bearing, steering and cornering

Runway Performance 926

  • Solid blocks on the shoulder minimise tread movement during cornering enhancing cornering stability and steering response
  • New advanced silica compund improves grip in both wet and dry conditions providing excellent braking and handling performance
  • Four wide longitudinal grooves evacuate water efficiently for excellent wet performance
  • Optimised variable pitch tread block design, reduces noise for quieter ride
  • Continuous central rib for improved high-speed stability

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