Tyre Technology

Pirelli remain at the forefront of tyre technology by continuously striving to provide customers with the latest innovations as a result of their extensive efforts in Research and Development

Their extended mobility concept ensures safety, security and peace of mind through its innovative Seal Inside and Run Flat technologies, with the main benefit continued mobility in the event of a loss of air pressure.

In addition to mobility technologies, Pirelli have created tyres that; reduce noise inside a vehicle, communcate to the driver and that can be colour matched to the vehicle's paint.

Pirelli Connesso™

Pirelli Connesso™ is a ground-breaking app that provides a driver real time information about their tyres, including recommendations and a course of action for any situation. 

Features and benefits:

  • Driver receives real time data about pressure, temperature, use and maintenance of every tyre through app

  • Connesso provides localised and personalised services through Pirelli Concierge™, including: balancing, rotation, alignment, tyre change, appointment booking and car pick-up & drop-off

  • More informed, safe, efficient and pleasurable driving experience

How it works:

Pirelli Connesso™ offers peace of mind and driving comfort via modern, on-trend technology  

Pirelli Connesso™ updates customers on:

  • Tyre Pressure: When tyre pressures fall below normal range

  • Tyre Temperature: For even grip and handling on the track

  • Tyre Wear: Readings on remaining tread wear over time

  • Fill Mode: Real-time pressure readings on tyre fill

PCNS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System)

The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS) reduces the noise generated by tyres on the road.  The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System resolves the issue of cavity noise, vibrations generated in a tyre's structure and inside the car, offering greatly improved driving comfort.

Features and benefits:

  • Sound absorbing sponge reduces frequency filtering through car

  • Noise reduced by two or three decibels, which on average is a 50% reduction

  • Provides superior comfort compared to traditional tyres


How it works:

Comparison between a standard tyre and a tyre with PNCS

Cavity noise is caused by the air contained inside tyre cavity during rotation. As a result, this noise is then transmitted to the inside of the car. The innovative polyurethane sponge in the PNCS absorbs these vibrations, therefore reducing the noise.  

Pirelli Seal Inside™

Pirelli Seal-Inside™ technology allows you to continue to safely drive your car in the event of a puncture. These self-sealing tyres mean you can maintain compete control of your vehicle and either drive home, or to a garage, so you are not left stranded. 

Seal Inside™ means vehicles can keep running without losing air pressure, covering around 85% of possible accidental pressure loss. With Seal Inside there is no need for dedicated rims or TPMS, the tyres can be used on any vehicle.

Features and benefits:

  • Technology: Tyres made from material that forms sealing layer inside tyre in mirroring tread pattern. Material blocks any possible air leakage, with or without external object still present

  • Application: Seal Inside™ Technology can be safely used on any vehicle, depending on tyre size

  • Material: Seal Inside™ tyres immediately deal with the puncture and in most cases, it is both fast and effective meaning the driver won't even realise that their tyre is punctured

How it works:

Pirelli Seal Inside tyre before and after a puncture

The Sealing Mastic sticks to the object that has caused the puncture. This creates a seal around the object if it still remains in the tyre. When the is object removed from the tyre, the sealing mastic seals the edges of the hole.

Run Flat™

Pirelli Run Flat™ Technology provides you with the ability to keep driving, even with a flat, all while maintaining control of your vehicle. Run Flat™ tyres provide you with the most comprehensive approach to road safety allowing you to continue your journey safely for up to 50 miles at 50 mph.

Features and benefits:

Technology: Run Flat™ tyres result of Pirelli MIRS™ production, the highest standards of quality and durability
Application: Absence of spare wheel means additional boot space for the driver
Convenience: No need to immediately change flat tyre

How it works:

The Pirelli Self Supporting System contains specific reinforcements in the sidewall structure. Pirelli Run Flat™ tyres can support both the lateral and transversal loads of the vehicle despite the absence of tyre pressure.

Color Edition

Pirelli Color Edition tyres offer you the chance to customise your vehicle by choosing from a range of hundreds of tyre colours. Fresh from their extensive F1® experience where tyres are coloured depending on the tyre compound, Pirelli has had the ingenuity to apply this to road tyres.

This innovative idea not only achieves ultimate customisation of performance but also both style and design. The process is simple:

  1. Select your car

  2. Choose your tyre colour

  3. Select your favourite dealer to fit your tyres i.e Protyre! Check our list of Platinum & Gold Pirelli Performance Centres below:

  4. Complete your order

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